I’m not one to pay attention to nugu boy bands, but 24K‘s “Hey You” choreography has caught my unique blue-green colored eye.

24k gif

24K have used the #NaeNae as their point dance, turning the ghetto fabulous move into a funky wave to a pretty girl. They then pull up their britches before bouncing into some fancy footwork. Sadly, half the choreography is cut off for the live performances because 24K are too floppy to get more than two and-a-half minutes screen time on music programs. Even MTV’s The Show cuts their stages!

The #NaeNae is obviously #done and #over at this point, but this is K-pop, a genre that’s almost always between 6 months to a year late in stealing Western pop culture trends. The fact that it’s K-pop also means that 24K’s #NaeNae is better than American #NaeNaes, as K-pop almost always improves upon everything it hijacks.

On another note, this “Hey You” song isn’t bad.

24Ks’s Nae Nae might even be better than BIGBANG’s Bae Bae. I wish I knew who produced it, but 24K’s agency has pulled a Dal Shabet/G-Dragon/Hyomin by pretending that the members wrote and produced it themselves so they can media play about 24K being real artists.

By the way, if anybody has any videos of 24K on Arirang or some shit talking about how they invented the ‘pretty wave’ point dance or anything like that, please send them my way.