I already called this over a year ago when I wrote about Tokyo Girls’ Style’s indie Maltine Girls’ Wave album, but now they’ve made it official: TGS are now ARTISTES.

The group announced that they’d make the transition from idols to artists earlier this year–because only in J-pop do you have to confirm that you’re actually an artist.

All this really means is that they’ll no longer appear in idol magazines or perform at idol festivals, which isn’t a huge deal. Unfortunately, they’re also permanently retiring some of their early bubblegum hits, including the joyous “Onaji Kimochi.”

TGS released their final single as an idol group last month, “Stay With Me.” The a-side is a perfect ’70s soft-rock ballad and one of the few truly fantastic TGS slow jams that exists, while b-side “Kasokudo” is another one of those great retro disco-funk numbers that’s become the group’s defining sound. (Take a listen below.)

They’ll officially close the door on idol life once and for all next month with the release of their first greatest hits compilation, 1st BEST ALBUM Kirari☆. It’s two discs and it includes a bunch of the group’s finest b-sides, so obviously it’s a MUST HAVE. Don’t be afraid to pinch from Granny’s purse if you can’t afford the few hundred bucks it’ll cost to buy every edition and then pay for shipping from Japan.

As for TGS’s post-idol life, I think there’s a lot to look forward to. Over the past year or two, the group have been promoting themselves to new audiences in every way possible, from bumping up their social media presence and collaborating with indie artists to recordings songs in English and playing shows in America. I can see a lot more of that happening as they follow Perfume and Kyary in marketing TGS to Western audiences.

All you ignorant flops who have been ignoring my TGS posts for years are going to be sorry you ever doubted me!

  • KingBeaArthur

    The piano on “Stay With Me” reminds me of “Can You Stand The Rain” before it picks up [plus in my book]. I loveloveLOVE the jazzy change up on the chorus!

    If them leaving behind the idol life means they won’t be releasing gems like “Kasokudo” again, then it’s a sad day for music.

  • maltine girls’ wave is FLAWLESS! if they have more of that stuff in store i’m totally on!

    that said, i gotta say that most of their sound never felt totally in tune with idol shtick. surely, production wise and when it comes to lead singles, but a lot of their album cuts were so off the idol hype, it sometimes got me awed

  • snailsong

    i love love loved their whole ‘killing me softly’ album (I was even gonna buy the cd when i was in japan recently but the most basic edition was like $35 :///////) so I’m here for whatever they decide to do in the future, although i kinda wish they’d stuck with being idols and made it a point to be idols with artistic integrity or smth instead of throwing all idols under the proverbial bus ://

  • UncleFan

    “They’ll officially close the door on idol life once and for all”

    Sooo…. does this mean they’re gonna start doing porn, now?

  • Am finally succumbing. Will probably cop that Best album.

  • Nicole Naeun

    Jamming to “Kasokudo”! Sad that this means “Candy Floss Pt.2” will never happen. It was too good to be true anyway *sigh*

  • Sunny

    no lie, i never click their articles whenever you post about them lol

    i like both of the songs (i’d give both a 7/10). although the music is interesting, the girls themselves really aren’t, though maybe their main selling point isn’t to be too gimmicky like other girl groups.

    Don’t know what to expect from this transition (since i’m not familiar with them) other than more creative input and songwriting from the girls themselves.

  • Good Riddance

    I got more into Spica than TGS from your posts, TGS seemed a bit too much for me. I still check out their stuff from time to time but I can’t really get into it, hopefully I’ll see the light soon.