The STELLAR Sweetune Combo Slays Again With Latest Single 'Fool'
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stellar fool
STELLAR‘s best known for shaking their skinny underfed asses in “Marionette,” but the foursome have shown us many different sides since debuting back in 2011. They’ve been campy sci-fi warriors, pantie-flashing schoolgirls, studious cheerleaders, and sad ‘n’ sexy sirens.

Their latest single, “Fool,” sees STELLAR as some kind of bubblegum jazz band, much like “Twinkle” era TaeTiSeo but with more sex appeal.

“Fool,” produced once again by Sweetune, is a change from the production team’s more uptempo records and further proof of their brilliance when it comes to crafting retro synth-pop. It has a classic ’90s R&B groove with flourishes of jazz that occasionally borderlines on muzak; the end result is like a sugary “Diggin’ On You” mixed with some of Sweetune’s best brassy throwback, Nine Muses’ “Dolls.”

The first time I played “Fool” I feared that it lacked the addictiveness of Sweetune’s past hits, but I was proven wrong once I had the “Doo, doo, doo-bee-doo-bah” playing on loop in my head all night (and the next morning!) after giving it just one spin before bed.

The “Fool” music video is fantastic and fun and does exactly what STELLAR should’ve done a year ago by playing up their “Marionette” controversy. It opens with the members crying over nasty slut-shaming comments on their “Marionette” MV, and then follows the group as they put together their first concert and allow their passion for performing for their fans to overrule all the haters and the hardships of idol life.

Arirang says that the song’s lyrics are specifically about STELLAR’s feelings towards their fans, which makes sense since the girls detailed the perils of fame and their relationship with the public in their last two singles.

Unfortunately, “Fool” only ranked on Melon for about a day-and-a-half before vanishing completely, so I’m guessing that it will probably be STELLAR’s second consecutive single to miss the Gaon chart. To date, only two of their singles, “Study” and “Marionette,” have ever charted. With such a terrible track record, I hope that the floppage of “Fool” doesn’t mean the end of STELLAR for good.

Why are they not bigger? They’re so pretty. They have amazing Sweetune-produced songs. They’re moderately talented. They’ll do anything for fame! What more could you want from a K-pop idol?