stellar fool

Korea’s most elegant girl group STELLAR have just unexpectedly announced their new single “Fool” (or “Idiot” depending on which translation you use).

The single, produced once again by Sweetune, is described as a “hip-hop and soul jazz style song.”

STELLAR have also confirmed that they’ll “put down the sexy concept” this time to showcase a new image after causing a sexual revolution in Korea with their signature hit “Marionette.”

The beautiful angels are holding a mini-concert on the 9th of March to promote their return, and will start performing their new single on music programs beginning with next week’s episode of The Show.

They’ve dropped an MV teaser, which looks like KARA’s “STEP” meets TaeTiSeo and G.NA OMG.


I’m also kind of pissed! Because this comeback announcement has come out of nowhere just like “Mask” did, and we all know how “Mask” did on the charts. STELLAR should be pulling publicity stunts and courting controversy like they did with “Marionette.”

If “Fool” comes and goes unnoticed like “Mask” did, heads will roll. Seriously, I will make somebody pay. I will personally fly to Korea and gun down every staff member of STELLAR’s agency like I’m Jiyul in Dal Shabet’s “Hit U” MV.

You’ve been warned!

stellar comeback concert

  • James Smith III

    I am seriously hoping they give us perfection, especially with those Kara “step” mic stands and increased budget.


      I was trying to place it and was thinking of Nine Muses Dolls hip swivel, but it’s OBVIOUSLY KARA.

      I’m amending that part of the post now!

  • byoing~byoing.

    YAAAAAAAAAAS! I’m as hungry for this as I am for Keumjo’s popcorn.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Thank the gods they’re not going for a straight sex concept this era! A ‘sexy concept’ doesn’t automatically mean softcore porn or girl on girl! If the song delivers on the soul-jazz promise I’ll be elated :D

  • crayonpunk

    I’m a little sad just because Marionette and Mask were two of my favorite songs from last year and this is so different, but it’s still Sweetune and Stellar so I’ll probably love it.

  • oneclearnight

    I’m here for Step 2.0!!!

  • ByronZ

    I’m sorry for putting this here but I’m really waiting for this year’s girl group ranking made by you, as I told you some time ago that’s like the K-Pop Bible for me XD.

    • byoing~byoing.

      I’m no Jacques… HOWEVER!
      These lists are bullshit. K-Pop is such a fickle industry and it shows because that one fancam turned EXID’s career around or that one bullshit overdone scandal wrecked T-ara’s chance of becoming a top tier group and even that one dating news gave Hyeri and Girl’s Day some spotlight so that their best single (thank god) was noticed by the public.
      SNSD and 2NE1 are always going to be the ‘top groups’ (now that Wonder Girls isn’t a thing anymore). They’re internationally recognised (to an extent) and they’ve got that devoted and delusional stans that there’s simply no competition.
      Then (imo) you have to go by sales/charts > trending > wins on shows > fan group > versatility > likability of the group to really ‘rank’ them and even THEN doing it by 2 year blocks might be the smartest move for measurement sake.
      Then do you take subunits/solo acts/acting deals/duets into account? Or international fandoms? T-ara might not be exactly well liked in South Korea anymore, but China and Japan like them enough to be relevant. Not to mention the fact that they’re still one of the biggest internationally known k-pop groups in South East Asia.
      Also Soyu & Junggio’s ‘Some’ was the biggest song of the year, but did Soyu carry that or did Junggio? Did the song carry it?
      Questions aside.

      So, if you were to re do it the way I’ve suggested for (mid/late 2013-2014/Beginning of this year)
      1 (Top): SNSD, 2NE1 (despite no real activity 2NE1 still was a thing), Davichi (Anyone who performs on those countdown shows is a girl group to me)
      2 (Seem to trend/sell well digitally): Sistar, Girl’s Day
      3 (Groups that people are about when they comeback): A Pink, f(x), 4Minute (Other sucks), Miss A (Min Sucks), T-ara (South Korea sucks)
      4 (Should be higher, but for some reason South Korea don’t know shit. except AoA): Kara,
      Secret (I don’t know why anyone would call them a flop group and it irritates me a lot when people don’t support such a talented and versatile group),
      Crayon Pop (Okay, fuck you – they have been in the top 20 since their break out and they toured with Lady Gaga. Plus they have a whole army of rabid men as a fan group. Bar Bar Bar was THE trend for 2013. Get fucked. Don’t even start)
      AoA (I’d put them higher due to sales/charting and trending but they always seem to be coping shit for bad attitudes/poor acting etc, plus none of their songs have hit number 1 yet, plus their popularity seems to ride on AoA Black members anyway – reform the band and ditch the other 3),
      Brown Eyed Girls (Thanks Ga In), EXID (Thanks Pharkil), 15& (no charted song out of the top 20, so… solid sales – plus from what I’ve read they’re reasonably well liked)
      Orange Caramel/After School (2014 had Rania’s duet, Nana doing Nana stuff, Catallena, UEE picking up drama roles etc)
      5 (poorly managed groups that either have boring singles/aren’t noticable enough/too many member swaps bar Ladies Code): Dal Shabet, Nine Muses (this is their year though!), Spica, Sunny Hill (I feel really sorry for them tbh. Again, fuck you South Korea), Ladies Code (If they come back, it’s either gonna be well received or not at all. I just hope South Korea isn’t shit) Hello Venus
      6 (could go either way for these groups and they probably belong on other tiers and in no order cause cbf anymore): Stellar, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, The Seeya, Bestie, Wassup, Sonamoo, 4Ten, 4L, G-Friend
      7 (on their way out): Rania (if they ever comeback), Two-X, Tiny-G (if Dohee goes they’re fucked), She’z, Chocolat

      I’ve probably missed a few girl groups here or there. However, this is my list, albeit poorly written and probably incoherently.

      • p。

        (Random, but Goodbye To Romance was actually a big hit in Korea, it was in the Top 10 for more than 2 months because the nostalgic lyrics were really well-received)

        Also, MAMAMOO should be higher. They aren’t exactly doing super well but they’re getting so much hype (they’re on IS rn and the reactions are amazing) and their songs are performing decently on the charts (except Piano Man and that Hi Hi Ha He Ho song)
        AoA should be a tad higher too
        Are Ladies Code still a thing? I know they never disbanded but I doubt that they will ever have a comeback… It’s sad

        • byoing~byoing.

          mm true about AoA – I’m just really salty because I only like 2 members (Jimin and Choa) – Maybe in front of Miss A? They still haven’t got a number 1 – their next comeback will probably be a number 1 if they comeback at a smart time.
          Maybe put Mamamoo in the bottom of the 4? They’re still not charting the best tbqh. I’d say Red Velvet has had more success than them.
          Ladies Code will probably come back. They’re apparently singing together at their dorm again.

  • tortilla

    this is giving me 9myu drama vibes sweetune style. cant wait.

  • they look soooo beautiful!!

    and hey prepare your guns! the thing is out next monday and we’ve got a sudden teaser with a horrid edition and nothing else! even lovelyz’s random repackage had more tintilation.

  • Xander N-S

    SWEETUNE. <3

  • 364Leinad

    tbh, I’m a tiny bit pressed that they aren’t doing an ultra-slutty whorish concept this time round because now I can no longer ironically refer to them as the nations pure virginal angels

  • jizabel


    Stellar is about to change the game AGAIN with this nu concept! I guarantee all girl group comebacks will be pushed back accordingly so they can attempt to salvage their own pathetic plans and integrate mic stands into their shitty choreography.