shannon why why
Shannon is only 16, but the British-Korean prodigy showcased a fairly mature sound and image on her debut single, “Daybreak Rain.” For her excellent follow-up, “Why Why,” Shannon’s dialled back the clock a few years to take on the trending schoolgirl concept currently used by GFRIEND, A Pink, and Lovelyz.

But this ain’t no ordinary schoolgirl concept, honey. Shannon’s gone full jailbait; her skirts are short enough to flash her panties, the choreography features a hip swivel move that looks like it should end with fifty bucks being stuffed into a thong, and the song contains lyrics like “I want to tell you I can do everything, anything you want.”

rihanna gif

It’s just all very Britney “Baby One More Time” era suggestive, which is both amazing and disturbing at the same time.

But really, it’s about the music, and “Why Why” is a spectacular slice of sunny girl-pop.

Produced by Black Eyed Pilseung (Rado and Choi Gyu Sung, who crafted SISTAR’s “Touch My Body” and TEEN TOP’s “Missing”), “Why Why” borrows just as much from cheerful sixties bubblegum pop as it does from synthesized eighties dance-pop. It’s so totally overproduced but in the best way possible, with every horn, drum, and vocal competing against a dozen other electronic effects at all times.

It also tends to sound like a sugary retro “Touch My Body” at times, which is totally fine by me. (Shannon seems to release songs that sound like other songs: first “Daybreak Rain” jacking 2NE1’s “Lonely,” and now this.)

“Why Why” might actually be my favourite cute single of the year so far–I even prefer it to the legendary Lovelyz.

Also, I love whoever came up with the idea to make the music video a sexualized combination of A Pink’s “Mr. Chu” and Lovelyz’s “Candy Jelly Love.” I mean, I’m kinda weirded out by it because of Shannon’s age, but it’s still the best thing ever.

Check it out below, but whatever you do, don’t download Shannon’s Eighteen mini-album. It’s fucking terrible besides the two official singles. And don’t download it for the suggestive photo booklet of Shannon in white panties and ballet shoes–she’s too young for you sickos to be ogling her teen body! At least the young idols I lust for are legal.

  • How is it charting? I’m susprised you didn’t mention her jacking Ariana’s style.

    • It’s flopping massively :( I thought it’d do better since Daybreak Rain did alright (for rookie female soloist standards).

      • Why aren’t they shoving her on all the variety shows to show off her singing?? Is she bad at Korean or something? Whack. She’s SO marketable it’s insane.

  • Db

    I liked this as opposed to Daybreak Rain, which was cookiecutter boring.

    I especially like the little bit of ska thrown in after the first chorus.

  • snailsong

    this is actually pretty funny on top of being very cute and i hope it does well, but the actual pantyshot is a bit much :/ like it’s one of those things where i have zero issue with kids and teenagers enjoying it for what it is but we all KNOW that the stats for the vid are gonna be like ‘primary audience 40-50 year old men’ ://///////

  • Eunha

    Jacques why don’t you like the next nation girl group, GFRIEND? Glass Bead is still charting on Melon. In fact they hit their new peak today thanks to future it girl and trending idol Yerin. Her appearance on Running Man was positive and brought more attention and fans to GFRIEND. #stannow !

    • Eunha

      Check this out Jacques! #NGG!

    • I actually always liked them, I just like to make fun of them LOL. I don’t stan them though, I prefer other rookies more, but they do kind of slay haha

      • Eunha

        You better stan them before they hit daebak! I mean what other rookie girl group has had a 2 month old debut song that is currently sitting nicely at #39 on Melon? Only Gfriend! NEW KWEENS OF KPOP!

        • j d

          I don’t follow melon placements but I will say that Glass Bead was a great song. I might even start bothering to learn some of their names.

  • j d

    16 is legal.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I absolutely love this song and the comedic-stalker story line, but I was kind of thrown off by the Lolita aspect! She pulls it off well enough that it’s not like I’m watching through my fingers waiting for the cops to bust in, but it was to such a degree of severity I felt uncomfortable for her. [that hip swivel was pure BESTie…take that as you will]

    I made the mistake of not only downloading the mini but anticipating it! Huge mistake. Shannon could be the next Ailee if she’s marketed correctly, but like Ailee, it’s going to take time for them to find material that fits her voice (or in Shannon’s case: are good enough to accompany the title track).

    • yeaah the mini is very ailee and i thought exactly the same. pity is that shannon is under MBK, former-CCM or the agency that likes to waste their amazing talents with imitative concepts.

  • Somehow the beat is really similar to Bestie’s I NEED YOU
    Which is by Duble sidekick…

  • lol i’m shocked with her age! i didn’t know she was so young… i loved loved the mv and song, liked “daybreak rain” a lot and kinda liked the ep – despite hearing it during the shower.

  • Vivienne Greatly Disapproves

    This bitch graduated top of Kpopalypse’s fashion class

  • Sunny

    prefer Daybreak Rain to this. Good effort though Shannon baby.

    seeing her makes me miss the other half white/korean jailbait queen aka Tia.

  • Riley Biers

    Was anyone else slayed by her arm pussy at 0:07???

  • ta3woon

    It looks like she snatched Arianas kitty ears.. still attached to her high pony tail

    except Shannon looks way better of course.
    This is the song of the year hands down!

  • UncleFan

    Uncle approves!

  • Marhaebwa

    I genuinely love SHANNON! And YES YES YAS to all the Ariana comparisons. I saw them as soon I watched the video and thought it was just me. The rest of the mini could have been so much better…I can just about deal with Gosship Girl.