rainbow black swan
Just like a female version of ZE:A, Rainbow are famous for being flops, yet they’re still successful enough in various ways to hang around despite never really hitting it big. Their singles usually make the top twenty, and between the members they’ve got some CF deals, acting gigs, and variety work–basically just enough to get by in the Korean entertainment industry.

However, things have taken a dark turn for the group following the performance of their latest single, “Black Swan.” The underrated electro-pop song spent just two weeks in the Gaon top 100 and bombed so badly that Rainbow’s agency officially ended promotions after only a fortnight.

“With last week’s music show, [Rainbow’s] ‘Black Swan’ promotions have come to an end,” said DSP Media in a statement released on March 11. “Many thanks to all the fans who supported Rainbow’s third mini album, and we’ll work hard to return new and improved. Thank you.”

Even local K-pop fans hated the track, with the majority of idiotic Korean netizens slamming the song for being “too weird” on websites like K-pop K-fans and Netizen Buzz.

The severe floppage of “Black Swan” must have come as a shock to Rainbow, who openly admitted in interviews that the song was specifically chosen because they thought it had a good chance of winning first place on music programs.

“You will see that the song will have more charms by listening to it more rather than listening to it once,” stated Jaekyung. “That’s why we chose this song, because it has a variety of hidden charms and that it might have a chance of winning.”

She continued, “We stated that the song has a chance of winning but when we released the song, we were very scared. What will happen if the fans don’t like it? We were scared of it. But we tried to appeal to others with out hard working sides and wanting to send the message ‘Please love this side of us’.”

In the same interview, the group also admitted that they’d previously promised to make “at least three comebacks this year” in a bid to pressure DSP Media to promote them more.

“If you look at Rainbow’s promotion pattern, we promote for a long time then take a long break,” said Jaekyung. “So if we get to take a long break this time as well we think that we won’t be able to make another comeback forever. We had a talk about how we should be determined that this may be our last and we should promote diligently. And in regards to the ‘at least 3 comebacks this year’ is because we were feeling sorry to the fans who have waited for so long and we felt pity as well. We wish to promote a lot but….. That’s why we have created a plan. If many articles get published, wouldn’t our company let us promote a lot?!

She added, “The article was released for an appeal to our company. That’s why we have created a plan!”

Realistically there doesn’t seem to be any reason why DSP would keep Rainbow together unless the group is somehow making a decent profit performing at events. Although, considering that Rainbow’s past singles weren’t actually massive flops up until “Black Swan,” I’d say DSP owes the group at least one more comeback before pulling the plug.

I love “Black Swan,” but it was a stupid choice for a single. It isn’t particularly commercial for an idol pop song, and the dark sexy winter concept at the start of spring was beyond dumb.

There’s still a lot DSP could do with Rainbow, even if it means adding new members or replacing some of the weak links. (Which worked for both Nine Muses and Rainbow’s labelmates KARA.) As if there aren’t some discarded Baby KARA trainees that couldn’t be thrown into Rainbow. DSP should’ve given Sojin the job before the poor girl committed suicide. The ex-PURETTY members were amazing, too.

Anyway, if Rainbow does end up disbanding this year, then the only good that could come of it is the Jaekyung solo career that should’ve happened years ago. I’m pretty sure I’ve been championing a Jaekyung solo since at least 2012 and mention it in literally every Rainbow post I do. She’s a goddess with a face like a plastic Kim Tae Hee, the sex appeal of Lee Hyori, and the class of a top actress. When will your fave?

Sometimes I just really despise DSP, but then I remember that they created KARA and suddenly all is forgiven.

P.S. Look how fucking hot Jaekyung looks with fellow goddess NS Yoon-G doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. Nine Muses needs to fire Kumjoop and add these two tbh.