I’m a casual fan of SOPHIE and I was excited when the British producer was booked to work with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, but I’m soooo not here for this QT crap.

QT’s first single, “Hey QT,” sounds like SOPHIE except poppier, and it comes with a music video that intentionally rips-off Perfume’s “Spring of Life.”

The whole thing is also packaged as this stupid concept release about selling energy drinks or something. Coz, you know, Asian pop music is so commercial or whatever. (Omg so clever!!!)

So what, or who, is QT? She’s a sparkling future pop sensation – albeit one who is set to warp and stretch the notion of what a pop star actually is. It’s a drink, or more precisely a brand new Energy Elixir (“where organic and synthetic meet to stimulate an uplifting club sensation”). And it’s a song, a moment – “Hey QT” – which sees these two producers pushing their sound to its very extreme and creating a future anthem in the process. (Via Pitchfork)

“Hey QT” is actually a good song and I’d like it if it wasn’t for the corny J-pop homages and CF concept used to hook in the Pitchfork Faggots who can’t listen to something like this unless there’s a gimmick attached to make them feel smart. It’s like that time Marina and the Diamonds was desperate to slay the Hot 100 so she hired Dr. Luke and Stargate to produce her album and then created this ridiculous alter-ego so she could pretend that the whole thing was this meta exercise in selling out that commented on the manufactured nature of the music industry. Bitch please.

By the way, I went to QT’s Facebook page the other day and I saw that all these people who used to shit on me for getting into Asian pop music had liked her.

Lmao, I can’t.

  • KingBeaArthur

    This is a no for me. She looks like Jessica Jung X Farrah Abraham for some reason.

    • Her Jessica face was creeping me out. However, how awesome would it be if JJ debuted in the West with some basic Jpop, and all the music blogs lauded her!

  • James Smith III

    Here for this new comeback on this site boo boo xox

  • Sunny

    Bitch I’m Madonna >>>>>

  • snailsong

    did u see their/her live performance at the fader concert thing? like i love the song (i think i actually paid money for it and everything) but that was embarrassing ;-;

  • ta3woon

    “i feel your hands on ma body everytime you finger me boy” haha

  • Marhaebwa

    I hate this song was actually more addictive the longer you listened to it.


  • Cool Video Tho

    Sophie is OK, Hey QT seems like a half-compromise, like it’s too weird to be pop and too pop to be weird? IDK, like most of the PCmusic.info output, it’s really bad and embarrassing but god knows errrryone and their grandma are going to talk about how gr8 it was when they were around when they’re gone, just like how trashy most of Diplo’s output was in 2005 compared to actual favela music and the only good thing that came from it was Arular, or on a more controversial opinion, with Crystal Castles vs any chiptunes band.

  • nique

    Could’nt even finish the video. Most annoying thing ever.