Primary Returns With Oh Hyuk For Stunning 'Lucky You!' EP
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Just the fact that I’m writing about Primary again takes me back several years to when I started listening to a lot of Korean hip-hop and was obsessed with the likes of Simon D, Yoon Mirae, and the producer-cum-artist himself.

A lot has changed since then; I’m less adventurous with my K-pop listening (due to a combination of laziness and time constraints) and end up missing a lot of good stuff these days, while Primary’s sound has evolved dramatically from his catchy beginnings. His squelchy synth-hop sound was once as instantly recognizable as any Brave Brothers hit, but over the past few years it’s morphed into something far richer and more beautiful.

His latest release, an amazing four-track EP titled Lucky You!, is a collaboration with Oh Hyuk, the frontman of some K-indie band I’ve never heard of.

Lucky You! PBR&B through the lens of a progressive Korean producer, meaning it borrows from multiple genres like acid jazz, trip-hop, and a little synthy ’80s new-wave. It sometimes feels like listening to Spandau Ballet covering The Weeknd.

The whole thing is stunning, but the melancholy “Island” is breathtaking. It’s the ideal record to listen to while clutching a glass of wine (your fourth in an hour) and staring listlessly out the window as past relationships haunt you like 2NE1’s faces without makeup.

Take a listen below.

(Also, welcome back, Primary.)