NS Yoon-G a.k.a. G.Yo Returns With 'Wifey' (Murder Remix)
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I’ve been a fairly consistent NS Yoon-G stan since the La Roux knock-off “Don’t Go Back” (with the exception of that terrible Jay Park duet), but even I think that she should just go join Nine Muses and demote her under-appreciated solo career to a side gig.

Encouraged by the fact that her last couple of singles actually cracked the top twenty, the 26-year-old is back with a bangin’ new single, “Wifey.” However, she’s no longer the NS Yoon-G you used to know–from this point forward, she’s G.Yo!

I say this because “Wifey” is literally the Murder Remix of J.Lo’s “I’m Real” with a splash of the “Ain’t It Funny” remix.

G to tha N–S!

Not that that’s a bad thing. The Murder remixes are among the best songs J.Lo’s ever done, so it’s a lot of fun watching G.Yo take her best shot at J.Lo-oke thanks to Duble Sidekick. DS even chose the best bits from each song to steal: the beat and melody from “I’m Real,” and the keyboard synths from from “Ain’t It Funny” (or should I say “Flava in Ya Ear,” the Craig Mack hip-hop track that “Ain’t It Funny” samples).

The controversial MC Mong fills Ja Rule’s spot, which is just JTM Entertainment’s completely transparent way of trying to drum up some publicity for poor G.Yo. (Judging by “Wifey’s” current Melon ranking, it hasn’t worked.)

G.Yo briefly stops the J.Lo worship to pay homage to herself on the “Wifey” bridge, where she references the titles of her past singles like she actually believes that anybody besides her three stans would know them.

Finally, kudos to the stylist this era for decking G.Yo out in bad late ’90s/early ’00s fashion staples like Timberland boots and bedazzled jeans. The only thing missing is a tan velour tracksuit from the now defunct J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez fashion line.

“Wifey” aside, I’m also in love with the b-side “Would you by my.” It could be the official title track and I’d be totally satisfied. Track three isn’t bad, either.

Anyway, this is another great G.Yo comeback, but I still think she needs to join Nine Muses along with Clara. Preferably in the spot that Goosebumps cover girl KumJoop currently occupies.