narsha 2015
I’m gagging for Ga-In’s comeback just as much as the next person, but how come Jo Kwon’s beard gets to release her millionth solo album while Narsha, the woman who single-handedly invented the witch-pop genre, is stuck being a variety star?

With just days to go before Ga-In Hawaah drops, the savvy Narsha made sure that the spotlight would be fixed on her (where it should always be) by completely stealing the show at the press conference for her new variety show, Match Made In Heaven Returns.

The Queen B looked FANTASTIC, causing many to believe that she’s been using her bbi ri bba bba pagan powers to cast beauty spells on herself.

Since Narsha’s appearance, rumours have been swirling that Ga-In has postponed her comeback to the year 3000 to ensure that she isn’t overshadowed by her glamorous unnie.

Please bask in NarshAllah’s Holy glow below.

An entrance only Narsha can make… 

narsha 07

Is this unnie’s s-line for real? My mouth was open when I saw this…

narsha 05

She should film a hair CF, her hair is just wow…

Narsha 03

Her gaze is even stronger than hyuna’s…it gave me a menboong when I saw it… 

narsha 09

Even next to kyungri who’s ten years younger she lacks nothing…

Narsha 04

Her aura alone seriously overpowers her juniors… she even turned hani into an octopus…

narsha 08

is she a doll or a human…you wouldn’t even know… she’s CGI like won bin???

Narsha 02

Even during a schedule she continues to manage her appearance… 

narsha 10

What’s your secret unnie~ is it the diet powder you sniff? 
seems weird but I’d try it just to look like you ㅋㅋㅋ

narsha nose

  • Dying at your pann tribute dialogue. What is this amazing new variety show that features all these hotties? Finally something to combat all those men chatting with men varieties.

    • yosafbridge

      ‘Match Made in Heaven Returns’ is the 2015 reformatted version of the classic 2002 variety show MBC’s ‘Match Made in Heaven’, which was hosted by Kang Ho Dong and coupled up celebrity guests through games.

  • “NarshAllah”


    • Db

      I think that’s Ellin from Crayon Pop in the pink bomber jacket! I could do without the gargoyle from AOA.

      • OMG it is. I didn’t recognize her. She lost sooooo much weight but omfg she truly is a variety star and I’m glad people are starting to notice. Thank u Amber.

        This show has a sick ass line up.

        Yeah I agree bout that AOA girl. She gives me bad vibes, she’s my least fav. Choa would’ve been perfect but she’d be so short compared to the other girls LOL.

  • Db

    Ga In’s Paradise Lost and Hawaah sound like they’re gonna be the single and album Beyawnce wishes she released last year.

  • Riley Biers

    lmfaoooooooooo fucking ded @ your naver comments i can’t

  • KingBeaArthur

    Narsha looks amazing!! Her legs~ Hani looks terrible in that group shot!

  • dead at the white nose! hahahahahahaha

  • William Love

    OMG the powder under her nose so iconic

  • UncleFan

    She looks amazing.. I really hope she hasn’t given up on her solo career.

  • Sunny

    kyungri being all buddy buddy with Narsha ♥_♥

  • JisForJoshiePoo

    But like… Who told her that she could make me bisexual?!?!??! How dare she?!?!?!