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MC Mong is a rapper and former variety star who fell from grace after he was busted trying to get out of mandatory military service a few years ago (an unforgivable sin in South Korea). Luckily for Mong, he isn’t a female idol, so he was able to stage a highly-successful comeback last year despite breaking the law and betraying his country.

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Mong made his second post-scandal comeback this week with a new mini-album, Song For You, and its lead single, “Love Mash,” is already smashing every digital chart in Korea with brute force.

I’d love to trash “Love Mash” and complain once again about how unfair it is that female celebrities have so much trouble rebounding from scandals compared to men, but it really is a great pop song with a fantastic music video so I’ll have to save that rant for G-Dragon’s next hideous single.

Like most chart-topping K-rap, “Love Mash” is super-duper mainstream. With a prominent feature from some band called The Channels, it sounds like a Maroon 5 collaboration with some radio-friendly rapper (B.o.B.? Big Sean?) that was released to coincide with the new season of The Voice, except the best possible version of that. (I hate Maroon 5 as much as the next person, but you can’t say that Max Martin and Co. haven’t produced some insanely catchy pop for the ‘band’.)

I’m also in love with the MV. I just wish that booty-popping choreography had been saved for a girl group. Can you imagine SECRET or Nine Muses doing it?

Check it out below.

  • KingBeaArthur

    #1: Kween Bo knew exactly what was up in that GIF

    #2: the girls on the floor twerking/popping or whatever felt so unnecessary!

    I will give Korea one thing: when they emulate something from the west, 7 times out of 10 they do it better! This is one of those times. Maroon 5 haven’t sounded this bearable since “Songs About Jane”.

  • Julian Jung

    I’ve never really listened to anything by Mc Mong, but after reading this article and seeing how much you loved it, Jacques, I decided to watch the MV since we have an almost identical music taste. I wasn’t disappointed! I’m totally digging everything about this song and video.

    I completely agree about the obvious double-standard in kpop. But looking past that for now, this is such a jam, I’m not surprised it’s doing incredible on the charts. While the washing machine idea isn’t original (Beenzino utilized it last year in his music video for “How Do I Look” featuring KNTM contestants), it was still a nice visual touch overall. I’m all about that booty popping on the floor! The featured vocal had such a lovely voice which makes the chorus so enjoyable! Definitely downloading this one!

    • Glad you like it!

      And wow you are cute but you look like 15 years old so #girlbye #nowiminjail

      • Julian Jung

        Definitely! And lmao where is the lie. I’m 23 (going on 15 apparently)

        • Julian Jung

          Lol tried to delete that since the gif didn’t work #fail

  • ta3woon

    Chancellor is the genius behind Duble Sidekick so he gets to be Korean Maroon 5 if he wants!

  • BadB*tch

    very rare I find a Korean man unattractive but my girl just wasn’t as flowing wet as she usually is. He kinda looks like he has downs.

    • Guest


  • won’t bother