lovelyz hi
Lovelyz gently floated back into the K-pop scene on angel wings last week with a repackage of their excellent Girls Invasion album, which was so good that many of its b-sides were better than most girl groups’ title tracks.

As soon as I heard their new single “Hi~,” I immediately thought of one of IU’s old symphonic dance-pop classics like “Good Day” and “You & I,” but with a few vintage synths added in. When I check the song’s producers, it all made sense: “Hi~” is the work of Yoon Sang, who helped craft No. 1 hits like IU’s “The Story I Didn’t Know” and Ga-In’s “Irreversible,” and OnePiece, who produced all the synth-pop stuff from Girls’ Invasion.

“Hi~” is a pretty strong representation of those two worlds coming together. (Although, to be fair, “Hi~” is far less sophisticated than IU’s timeless Lee Min-Soo and Kim Eana hits.)

The lyrics are standard innocent K-pop girl group fare about being shy and wanting to confess a crush, while the group’s rustic springtime concept is just gorgeous.

Also, bonus points for Baby Soul’s new face. Lovelyz’s visual average climbs even higher!

In addition to being nation’s police-investigation-dols, Lovelyz also live up to their title of nation’s new b-side-dols with their other new repackage track, “Joyland.” I’m obsessed with their twinkly 2007 synth-pop sound just like I used to be obsessed with INFINITE’s ’80s dance-pop. I really hope they ride this style out for a little longer because it’s kind of like having old-school KARA back in action.

By the way, if you’re one of those evil black-hearted beasts that don’t like virginal concepts from idols pretending to still have their hymens intact like Lovelyz, then you can get a preview of the group’s future trashy concept through their controversial 1theK #hashtag interview. At one point Lovelyz think that the camera is no longer rolling and accidentally reveal their true colors (the kind that almost landed Seo Jisoo behind bars) by singing some terrible Meghan Trainor song which contains disgusting 19+ lyrics like “You might never get a chance to see me naked in your bed” and “Kiss my ass goodbye.”

Pure filth. I can’t wait for Jisoo to return to Lovelyz as the new leader so she can pilot the group as they secretly start sexually-harassing random female idols while they publicly slay the charts and dethrone A Pink as Korea’s new little sisters.

Lovelyz = The Queens of Innocent Depravity.