kero kero bonito picture this
Kero Kero Bonito‘s tracks have always been a little too wacky to really infiltrate the mainstream, but the London trio have now streamlined their sound into the closest thing they’ve ever done to a proper crossover pop hit: “Take a Picture.”

“Take a Picture” sounds like musical Starburst, with a rubbery beat and buckets of sugar on top. Frontwoman Sarah both sings and raps in her adolescent lilt, sometimes in English, sometimes in Japanese.

Hold your camera high and click, exercise your right to picture this but don’t forget to show everybody you’ve ever known,” she sings. “When you’re old and wise you’ll find all the shots you’ve got bring back the time it’s easy to believe yesterday was so sweet.”

The band simultaneously mock modern selfie culture and celebrate it, poking fun at the narcissistic nature of it all while acknowledging the nostalgia of looking back at one’s past.

So shallow, yet so deep!

Take a listen below.