After staging the surprise comeback of the century last year thanks to that big lug Youngji, reinvention-dols and Madonnas of Korea KARA are returning with their first original Japanese single 2013’s Christmas classic “French Kiss.”

Their new future chart-topping TRIPLE A-SIDE is titled “Summer Magic / Sunshine Miracle / Sunny Days,” and it will be out on May 5th.

With any luck, it’ll do for KARA in Japan what “Mamma Mia” did for them in Korea.

I’m loving the cheap cover art, especially the denim ensembles which make Seungyeon look like a cross between a ’90s aerobics instructor and a hooker. She reminds me of when Sydney became a prostitute on Melrose Place and then got beat up by the other hookers because she was on their corner, and then Michael found out about it when she was admitted to the hospital and used it to blackmail her.

kara summergic 03 kara summergic 01

  • James Smith III

    I love how Youngji just blends in!

  • They should’ve kept Youngji’s bangs for her Japan debut tbh

    Those pictures look cheap AF.

    • Not you linking THIS photo LMAO

      • KingBeaArthur

        I like it…her charms are on display.


    Omg French Kiss is so iconic, I totally forgot about that song! KARA is so sweet to release their album on my birthday, and a triple-A side at that! At least I’ll have something to listen to while I spend the day in my room drinking alone…aren’t birthdays a blast!?

    • Sounds like my birthdays! I’d come over to get drunk and sit on your face if I could but alas I’m all the way over here in Australia :(

      • MIKEE

        Literally all I ever wish for on my bday is for a cutie to come and sit on my face for hours, but it never comes true :-(

  • KingBeaArthur

    “the denim ensembles which make Seungyeon look like a cross between a ’90s aerobics instructor and a hooker” Good.Bye.

    Ready for this!!

  • Vivienne Greatly Disapproves

    “Summergic” what kind of flawless song title is this?

    • Marhaebwa

      Like how do you even say it? I also like to think of it as “Summer” + “Orgasmic”

  • haha the jeans cover is gorgeous, the skirt one is the real cheap. i love seungyeon’s new face and how youngji looks like she was born with KARA

  • Bruno

    A preview of SUMMER☆GIC (lol, what a terrible title) has leaked. It sounds like a mix of We Found Love and suckage. Hopefully the other two tracks will fare better.

  • I never agreed with people saying Seungyeon and Youngji look similar until now.

  • Never expected that Melrose Place reference….
    I tend to like Japanese releases less, unless it’s SNSD. I’ll reserve anticipation and judgement.

  • William Love

    I like how summergic actually works as a portmanteau in Japanese but fails miserably in English lmao