Girl's Day's Minah Makes Unnecessary Solo Debut With 'I Am Woman Too'
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Girl group solos have been a trend in K-pop for the last year or so. It’s spawned some well-deserved hits (Hyosung’s “Good-night Kiss”), some underrated bops (Nicole’s “Mama,” T-ara’s two solos), and some utter trainwrecks (Amber’s “Shake That Pacifier”). The point is, not everybody should go solo just because they can, and that includes Girl’s Day‘s Minah.

Originally the most popular member of Girl’s Day, Minah’s star power has significantly diminished ever since the group hit it big with “Expectation.” She’s now probably the least popular member, and also the least versatile when it comes to pulling off different concepts. She can slay a cute or goofy concept like no other, but her lack of sex appeal compared to her super hot bandmates has always been noticeable in the group’s racier singles.

Despite this fact, DreamTea has made Minah Girl’s Day’s first proper soloist–and it’s with a damn sexy concept.

kim richards shrug

Minah’s single is a melancholy urban-pop track titled “I Am Woman Too,” and was crafted by regular Girl’s Day hitmakers Duble Sidekick. It sounds like it could be a Girl’s Day single, just like Hyorin’s “One Way Love” could’ve gone to SISTAR and nobody would’ve blinked an eye.

Idols like Minah and Hyorin and fabulous and talented and all of that, but a K-pop solo single isn’t particularly exciting unless the artist is showing you something that you can’t already get from the group they came from. Hyosung, HyunA, Jiyeon, Hyomin, and all the Brown Eyed Girls are good examples of this (whether you actually like their solo songs or not is besides the point).

Also, Minah fucking shouts everything with that shrill banshee voice of hers, which is best suited sandwiched between three other voices instead of alone on stage in front of a mic.

I’m not saying “I Am Woman Too” is a bad song, it’s just that overall the whole package isn’t very interesting.

kim richards shrug

Remember when Girl’s Day released that random ass ballad “I Miss You” for some cheap digital album that they didn’t even promote? That’s what “I Am Woman Too” should’ve been. Or they could’ve done a double title track comeback. I don’t know, just anything other than Minah singing a Girl’s Day leftover would’ve been good. I simply can’t with her popping her pussy in the MV without nation’s best hair Sojin, nation’s sponsee Hyeri, and nation’s perfect ten Yura by her side.

On a more positive note, Minah’s three-track single is actually pretty good. If you can get past her screeching vocals, there’s a cute generic midtempo with Troy’s Kanto at the start and an amazing Mariah Carey Ariana Grande rip-off called “Colorful” at the end. “Colorful” should’ve actually been the title track with a fun concept, but what can you do.

kim richards shrug

  • disappointed too. but mostly at dream tea’s poor skill on describing something.

    they promise dance track, i anticipate a kylie minogue knock-off and am delivered a hyorin leftover. it’s pretty sad, because as you said they should’ve explored minah’s assets as a goofy aegyo queen with powerhouse vocals and heavy basslines.

    i could already imagine her pulling something like “put your hand on my heart” or “the loco-motion”! both in delicious beats and visual cheesiness! but no, they throw us this.

    k-pop needs to hire us as creative brains!

  • on a sidenote, but still on topic: isn’t taeyeon releasing a solo debut too?

    i’m honestly aprehensive about that shit because i can’t see taeyeon as a solo artist besides the gritty OST ballad crap. she has the sensuality of a galapagos tortoise and she seems the most perfect when she’s thrown in the middle of snsd salad.

    • Marhaebwa

      THIS. I am not anticipating Tae’s solo debut at all. Zero interest.

      I’m gonna need like a 360 concept from her because, I feel I’ve seen her in every capacity in SNSD, and if it’s a ballad, I’ll send JOY to slap her…

      …she will. Look at this bitch. She’ll cut you. And still look hotter than your faves.

      • hahahahahaha I LOVED that scene from the MV. she looks fatal! exactly like you described.

        as for taeyeon… i’m kinda turned down by her hype lately and this cam after the horrible TTS “holler” promotion rounds.

        she used to slay every other SNSD member on stage, with vocals, presence and personality. but on the holler/adrenaline/whisper ones she was practically invisible, making even prepferable to follow tiffany’s trying-hard-to-be-an-american-diva mannerisms. besides baby seo was the real star then, especially on the whisper’s stages.

        that poses me the question, does taeyeon have the strings to pull a solo effort or is she only amazing when she has the other snsd member’s shortcomings to shine over?

        • Marhaebwa

          I feel like the answer is exactly what you’ve described: in a group capacity, she does well.

          Think about this: when SNSD were in their earlier years, Taeyeon fulfilled the role of Popular/Most Talented/Heavily Featured Leader (as was a thing back then) – now unless they’re Hyorin or Hyosung or CL or G-Dragon, there’s always a member more shoved in your face that the leader. I have receipts for anyone who wants to tell me different.
          Now, 2015 and Tiffiana Grande and Baby Seo can easily outshine Taeyeon – heck Jess used to do that easily.

          Also outside of TTS and SNSD, she’s only done OST Ballads (nice but zzzzz), and the sub-unit SM Ballad (of course) with Jonghyun (again zzz). Unless she came out with the stage presence of Ailee, and the pussy-popping of Hyomin and Hyosung, and the sex-appeal and swag of CL, I ain’t checking.

          Needs to take some lessons from her fellow Yeon, Hyo…

          • Riley Biers

            lmfao what do people seriously expect hyoyeon to do as a solo? just dance? she can’t sing for shit, and no one wants to hear any kpop girl member rap.

          • as if singing was actually an important thing to make it big on k-pop.

          • Marhaebwa

            I beg to differ but that just my (and many other fans’) opinion – and then suddenly it is not “no one” any more.

          • speaking of hyoyeon, she SLAYED on that stage, but on a shallow note: she’s HUGE! how did she get so fat? she’ll have to starve to death for the next snsd japanese comeback

          • Marhaebwa

            I saw that so much. Her dress was looking hella tight and her belly was creasing. She was looking very full in the cheeks as well but the way I see it, because they are at a high stage in the game, they can afford longer rest periods between promotions – Hyo just got a bit too happy. Don’t worry, she’ll be looking more slender than your faves soon :)

      • Joy is quickly becoming my favorite. She plays all cute a fresh, then out of no where she drops the femme fatale gaze. I want her to dethrone Suzy.

        • Marhaebwa

          Suzy WHO!?

          Seulgi was my ride or die bias, but then came Joy like a bias wrecking ball and now I’m confused. I can’t have two, but Joy is making it REALLY hard right now…
          – Rap is on point.
          – Dance is on point.
          – Singing is on point.
          – Visuals are on point..

          So again, Suzy WHO?

    • James Smith III

      The fact that this has the most replies proves that this debut probably wasn’t needed

  • snailsong

    are we not gonna mention the fact that she’s almost unrecognisable???? homegirl has been hitting that ps clinic like nobodies business omg. It looks good tho, and I like the song although I agree it’s not really a big departure from what they do as a group (now)

    that aside, the “i lub you lub you lub you” bit was my fave and is already stuck in my head

    • what, really? i think her face is flawless and getting even better as she matures. although i prefer her double eyelid-less face, she looked cuter back then

      • snailsong

        nah i said it looked good :) i was just shocked because like jacques said, she’s the least noticeable member now so i guess i haven’t been paying as much attention to her now that hyeri/sojin/yura are k-pop’s official holy visual trinity!

  • KingBeaArthur

    “Colorful” (barely) >>>

    The song and concept are both adequte, but Minah has so little personality and, echoing you, sex appeal this fails. *sigh* pass

  • None of his solo showcases Minah’s charms well. Also, how is this the dance track? Makes me shutter as to what her ballad single was supposed to be.

    And that Kim gif had me in giggles. There is something about Kim Richards that reminds me of Jessica.

  • Db

    They sang Don’t Forget Me before promoting Expectation and this is what this song is… utterly and completely forgettable.

  • Sunny

    not particularly fond of her voice on Colorful. Mixed in with that instrumental, it just sounds irritating to listen to.

  • j d

    “I am a woman too?” I swear Hyeri thighri should have released a song with this title when it was uncovered that her cradle had been snatched. Missed opportunity.


    So bored with this tbh. This entire concept, song, styling, and choreography is much more suited for Goddess Sojin. Not to mention she could have executed it a million times better. BUT Sojesus would never release something this basic, so yeah. NEXT.

  • blah

    Hyorin’s OWL could’ve been a SISTAR song, but the rest of Hyorin’s album was all Hyorin.

    Anyway, Minah’s entire solo is pretty much a Hyorin hand-me-down, from the song itself to the clothes Minah wears on stage. If you saw her recent Show Champion performance, you’d realize how familiar her clothes look (because Hyorin wore the same thing for her OWL performances).

    She’s flopping on Melon anyway. Couldn’t even chart all of the songs from her mini-album, and there were only three actual songs. She’s one of those people that NEEDS a group behind her, because otherwise, no one would want to listen to her screechy vocals for 3+ minutes. Her ending high note is even more painful to hear in her live performances.

    It only took this solo for people to realize how annoying Minah’s voice is and how much stage presence she has–none.

  • disqus_LAbTdSIpi4

    Wow bitch

  • spacecowboy ☆

    Kind post. A little side note though; Minah is still the most popular member. At least within Girl’s Day’s Korean fandom, that is. As for public recognition, you’ve got Duk Seon-ie there.