Girl's Day's Minah Makes Unnecessary Solo Debut With 'I Am Woman Too'
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Girl group solos have been a trend in K-pop for the last year or so. It’s spawned some well-deserved hits (Hyosung’s “Good-night Kiss”), some underrated bops (Nicole’s “Mama,” T-ara’s two solos), and some utter trainwrecks (Amber’s “Shake That Pacifier”). The point is, not everybody should go solo just because they can, and that includes Girl’s Day‘s Minah.

Originally the most popular member of Girl’s Day, Minah’s star power has significantly diminished ever since the group hit it big with “Expectation.” She’s now probably the least popular member, and also the least versatile when it comes to pulling off different concepts. She can slay a cute or goofy concept like no other, but her lack of sex appeal compared to her super hot bandmates has always been noticeable in the group’s racier singles.

Despite this fact, DreamTea has made Minah Girl’s Day’s first proper soloist–and it’s with a damn sexy concept.

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Minah’s single is a melancholy urban-pop track titled “I Am Woman Too,” and was crafted by regular Girl’s Day hitmakers Duble Sidekick. It sounds like it could be a Girl’s Day single, just like Hyorin’s “One Way Love” could’ve gone to SISTAR and nobody would’ve blinked an eye.

Idols like Minah and Hyorin and fabulous and talented and all of that, but a K-pop solo single isn’t particularly exciting unless the artist is showing you something that you can’t already get from the group they came from. Hyosung, HyunA, Jiyeon, Hyomin, and all the Brown Eyed Girls are good examples of this (whether you actually like their solo songs or not is besides the point).

Also, Minah fucking shouts everything with that shrill banshee voice of hers, which is best suited sandwiched between three other voices instead of alone on stage in front of a mic.

I’m not saying “I Am Woman Too” is a bad song, it’s just that overall the whole package isn’t very interesting.

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Remember when Girl’s Day released that random ass ballad “I Miss You” for some cheap digital album that they didn’t even promote? That’s what “I Am Woman Too” should’ve been. Or they could’ve done a double title track comeback. I don’t know, just anything other than Minah singing a Girl’s Day leftover would’ve been good. I simply can’t with her popping her pussy in the MV without nation’s best hair Sojin, nation’s sponsee Hyeri, and nation’s perfect ten Yura by her side.

On a more positive note, Minah’s three-track single is actually pretty good. If you can get past her screeching vocals, there’s a cute generic midtempo with Troy’s Kanto at the start and an amazing Mariah Carey Ariana Grande rip-off called “Colorful” at the end. “Colorful” should’ve actually been the title track with a fun concept, but what can you do.

kim richards shrug