Corruption-dols G-Spot continued their unforgiving reign of terror this week by performing S Club 7’s hideous/flawless classic “Bring It All Back” at The Hands Motorsports Festival.

While their rookie rivals like CLC and SONAMOO have been flopping left, right, and center, G-Spot have used their shady connections to dominate the Korean entertainment industry with their sajaegi smash hit “Anal Bead” and a record-breaking appearance on Running Man.

Industry analysts have already predicted that G-Spot’s next comeback will surpass the Wonder Girls “Tell Me” craze and turn the group into an even bigger phenomenon than H.O.T. and TVXQ were at their respective peaks.

When Arcadey contacted G-Spot’s management to question the group over recent reports that they’ve received millions in funding from Kim Jong-un and used the North Korean military to strong-arm variety show PDs and digital music services into supporting them, G-Spot’s leader Sowon responded: “If you know what’s good for you you’ll shut the fuck up you pathetic piece of garbage. If not, then you might just find yourself thrown off the top floor of an apartment complex. Capiche?

Message received.