fiestar you're pitiful
FIESTAR made a huge transformation last year when they went from being LOEN Entertainment’s quirky little girl group to threesome-dols singing about gangbangs over a blatant rip-off of Jamelia’s “Superstar,” but it was a change that worked for the quintet.

Although their position on the charts pretty much remained the same (total flops unable to crack the top fifty), their drastic new image reignited some interest in the group and laid the foundation for a fresh start.

If “One More” was FIESTAR’s shock-value reboot single, then their latest effort, “You’re Pitiful,” is what I’d call their real comeback single.

Produced once again by Shinsadong Tiger (who helmed the group’s last few singles), the melancholy midtempo sees FIESTAR haunted by an ex-boyfriend who’s just come back into their lives to fuck with their already fragile emotions.

It’s not an obvious hook song like a Brave Brothers’ hit, but it draws you in and the chorus becomes incredibly addictive after a few spins. I went through a period of a couple of days after this first dropped where I couldn’t stop listening to it on repeat.

The ghostly synths and subtle guitar strums in the background recall some of B2ST’s moodier hits, like “Fiction” and Yoseob’s “Caffeine.” “You’re Pitiful” obviously isn’t on the level of those masterpieces, but barely any songs are so that isn’t a negative thing.

I’m especially in love with the song’s choreography, which is by far the group’s best. The move where the male backup dancers cover FIESTAR with their jackets as a chivalrous gesture while the girls sing about their pitiful ex who hasn’t really changed despite his claims is genius. The chairs are another nice prop, especially during Yezi’s rap break on the second verse.

FIESTAR’s concept is quite simple and chic this time around. Instead of going for what makes them stand out, each member has been delegated the hairstyle and makeup that makes them look the prettiest (unlike, for example, Yezi’s hideous blonde bob from last era). It’s easy to see why Jei is a popular visual, but Linzy is gorgeous in a plastic kind of way and Cao Lu makes a good men’s mag model with her honey thighs and blonde hair.

FIESTAR’s Black Label mini-album is also worth checking out. It contains a few duds, but track three, “Turn Off The Lights,” is amazing, and the group’s My Lovely Girl OST cut “Tight” (still one of the best things FIESTAR’s ever recorded) is included at the end.

Overall, it’s another strong comeback for the consistently good FIESTAR. And it’s actually charting! It’s still in the top 100 of Melon after a week, which by FIESTAR’s shitty standards is actually good (believe it or not). It’s not gonna be a real hit though and the group will probably be disbanded by the end of the year unless Jei hits daebak on a variety show or something, so enjoy this comeback while you can.

  • Db

    I just threw up at you proclaiming Trollseob’s Caffeine as a masterpiece. Also, I sense a Freudian slip here “The chairs are another nice prop, especially during Lezi’s(!) rap break on the second verse.”

    The song is fantastic and it’s all I’ve been listening to since it came out (along with Black Swan).

    • Lmao, I think in my mind I accidentally combined Yezi and Linzy.

    • and caffeine is fucking iconic and amazing and yoseob is hot and cute and the visual of beast

      • lol i like caffeine too.

        tbh i actually like b2st’s side projects better than b2st itself

      • Db

        I’m not a fan of beast. AT ALL. They seem so utterly pointless, like many boybands in my opinion. They have that one good song, Shock, but that’s it.

        • oneclearnight

          You don’t like Fiction?! Admittedly everything they’ve done since has ranged from mediocre to boring, but I thought Fiction was their best era.

  • Eunha

    Once again SLAYSTAR (not talking about SISTAR here) has done it again! You’re Pitiful is truly a kpop perfection.

    I don’t get why LOEN won’t do sajaegi for them considering LOEN entertainment pretty much owns Melon. I’m scared that FIESTAR will disband after this single flops massively again #justice4fiestar

    • “I don’t get why LOEN won’t do sajaegi for them considering LOEN entertainment pretty much owns Melon.”

      i thought EXACTLY that this morning

  • it’s a pity to see such sad prospects for such an amazing group. “one more” is still one of my most played and beloved songs ever since released and is deffinitely better than every single comeback from 2015 so (except of course for “black swan”) – i listen to it more than “crazy” for example, which i already don’t give as much fuck as i did in the beginning.

    “you’re pitiful” caught at first listen, but the mini took me a while to hook me. i absolutely love every track now.

  • ByronZ

    I have to admit it took some spins but I’m really enjoying it now :D

  • yosafbridge

    Co-written by none other than the iconic K-pop rapper, EXID’s LE who even managed to sneak in her trademark phrase “Leggo” at 1:25 of the MV and which is also the official name of all EXID fanboys/fangirls. Heck the rap sounds like it was tailor made for an EXID single.

  • roelm

    I like this. It sounds somewhat hauntingly nostalgic. The authors at k-pendium say that it uses the chord progression of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” which was also used by the Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” and other k-pop songs. That may account for part of the effect.
    Also they look great here. While I don’t really mind looking at Jei, they should have shown Linzy and Cao Lu much more than they did in the video.

  • oneclearnight

    They need to stick the girls in some shitty variety shows already.

    I don’t understand the floppage of this song. It’s amazing, it’s on trend, the choreo is actually really creative, everyone looks amazing.

    Why doesn’t Loen schedule another IU/Fiestar collab? That would get them some attention. I don’t want to disband ://///// I’m scared for History too.

  • UncleFan

    Cao Lu is a lot hotter this time around.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I love the song!

    I have to admit: when I saw the pre comeback fancam of them performing and heard they were doing a sexy concept, I talked a LOT of shit! I take back any negative feelings after falling in love with the “Black Label” mini.

    5/5 – A+ – Two thumbs, ya’ll