boyfriend bounce
Boyfriend is one of those groups that should’ve disbanded but have somehow managed to keep chugging along despite living off of Sweetune’s scraps and having no hits in four years. There was a brief period in 2013 where they released a few amazing songs (“Janus,” “I Yah,” and “On & On”), but they still couldn’t make it big so I have no idea why Starship is still trying to make them happen.

Boyfriend’s last two singles did nothing for me, but their latest effort, “Bounce,” is much stronger. Sweetune puts together a powerful horn riff that’s quite addictive, and the soft electronic swells in the background are a nice touch.

The chorus is stupid (“Bounce! Come with me, bounce! B-b-b-bounce!“), but it becomes catchy once you’ve made it through the song once. Plus, the crotch-grabbing choreography that accompanies it certainly helps.

The group’s Alice In Wonderland concept is cool and extravagant, but instead of appreciating the lavish set pieces and costumes my eyes were fixed on those skinny bug-eyed twins. They’re so fucking hot and totally my style 0_0

I wish I was wealthy enough to be Boyfriend’s sponsor so I could have ‘business meetings’ with those twins to pay for their rehearsal studio like Eunjung had to do in White: The Melody of the Curse.

Anyway, I’m still not a Boyfriend stan, but I am seriously considering it now solely for those twins. They need to do a sub-unit called BOYFRIEND19 where they kiss and stuff in the MV. It’s the only way they’ll pay back their debt to Starship (in my mind).

boyfriend bounce gif