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I know a lot of people are excited about some of 2015’s upcoming new girl groups, like JYP’s Six Mix and YG’s Pink Punk, but you should all just stop stanning for those future flops now because everybody knows that 2015’s best new rookie group is coming from MBK Entertainment, home of the almighty Slay-ara.

MBK will launch the group through one of those rigged and scripted survival shows this April, similar to the one used by YG to form iKUNT and WIENER, or DSP’s bullshit Kara Project that tricked the public into thinking that that useless lug Youngji legitmately won over those flawless ex-PURETTY members.

MBK has already cast the nation’s next visual blockbuster, Seulgi (who surpasses Red Velvet’s Seulgi), and now they’ve added part-time T-ara member Dani to the show too.

For the three people here who don’t know who Dani (Ms. Kim if ya nasty) is, let me give you the tea. She originally joined T-ara back in 2012 when she was like 7-years-old or something after Kim Kwang-Satan ‘discovered’ her on a sidewalk. At the time, Kwang-Satan had this stupid idea to transform T-ara into a 9-member group, because apparently being the No. 1 digital girl group, acting girl group, CF girl group, and plastic surgery girl group wasn’t enough. Ahreum joined first, but then that backstabbing bitch Hwayoung betrayed T-ara and fucked everything up, including Dani’s addition.

Dani has since found work starring in CFs and music videos, singing with F-ve Dolls, appearing in small roles in a few K-dramas, and working as an official translator for T-ara N4 during their iconic American debut at that pool party with Chris Brown and that random sneaker store in L.A.

She was later officially removed from T-ara and transferred to T-ara N4 after Ahreum was possessed by that thing from The Grudge, but since N4 are no more, she’s now back and ready to slay in MBK’s next legendary group.

If this new group is anywhere near the quality of the beautiful and talented Gangkiz (R.I.P.), then every other rookie girl group is going to have to disband before they even debut.

If Shannon joins too, then it’s game over for your faves!

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