sunny hill child in time
I used to be a hardcore Sunny Hill stan, but like a lot of people, I kind of lost track of them after Janghyun went to the army and they stayed in their acoustic-pop ballad phase for a little too long.

I never stopped liking the group though, and a few months ago I started going through all their music and realizing how much I still enjoy almost everything they do. Their era of edgy socially-concious pop like “Midnight Circus” and “The Grasshopper Song” was obviously their peak, but their other stuff still ranges from good to great (with the exception of that bland OST mess “Don’t Say Anything”).

The group’s new single, “Child In Time,” channels the nostalgia of arguably their best (and biggest) post-Janghyun single, “Goodbye to Romance.” The lyrics see the girls reminiscing about their lost teenage youth and the hardships of adulthood in an incredibly poignant way that hits you right in the heart just like “Goodbye To Romance” did.

Even better is that the music is basically a Young Folk remix of IU’s “Good Day,” and as anybody with ears and good taste knows, there can never be too much “Good Day.”

“Child In Time” is already one of my favourite comebacks of the year (both the song and the beautiful MV), and it’s really reminded me just how much I love Sunny Hill. Technically I returned to the fandom with “Monday Blues,” but this has put me back in full stan mode again!

I really hope this turns out to be a big success for Sunny Hill, because at one stage it looked like they were on their way to becoming a top girl group. Like “Child In Time” says, those days are probably long gone, but I can’t help but reminisce about that one amazing year when Sunny Hill were getting top five hits and shit.