sunny hill child in time
I used to be a hardcore Sunny Hill stan, but like a lot of people, I kind of lost track of them after Janghyun went to the army and they stayed in their acoustic-pop ballad phase for a little too long.

I never stopped liking the group though, and a few months ago I started going through all their music and realizing how much I still enjoy almost everything they do. Their era of edgy socially-concious pop like “Midnight Circus” and “The Grasshopper Song” was obviously their peak, but their other stuff still ranges from good to great (with the exception of that bland OST mess “Don’t Say Anything”).

The group’s new single, “Child In Time,” channels the nostalgia of arguably their best (and biggest) post-Janghyun single, “Goodbye to Romance.” The lyrics see the girls reminiscing about their lost teenage youth and the hardships of adulthood in an incredibly poignant way that hits you right in the heart just like “Goodbye To Romance” did.

Even better is that the music is basically a Young Folk remix of IU’s “Good Day,” and as anybody with ears and good taste knows, there can never be too much “Good Day.”

“Child In Time” is already one of my favourite comebacks of the year (both the song and the beautiful MV), and it’s really reminded me just how much I love Sunny Hill. Technically I returned to the fandom with “Monday Blues,” but this has put me back in full stan mode again!

I really hope this turns out to be a big success for Sunny Hill, because at one stage it looked like they were on their way to becoming a top girl group. Like “Child In Time” says, those days are probably long gone, but I can’t help but reminisce about that one amazing year when Sunny Hill were getting top five hits and shit.

  • Prada Noona

    I checked the Melon Chart and it is currently sitting at 22. I think this is the highest one of their singles has charted in over a year. This and the fact that it’s charting like this a few days after its release instead of showing up in the first 24 hours of release and disappearing promptly is a good sign.

    I thought Sunny Hill were going to become a less popular but still successful version of Davichi in the sense of having all their singles top the charts, but I think that opportunity has passed. But this single could help them regain ground that they’ve lost.

    The rest of the album is great as well. “King and Queen” and Jubi’s solo “Tears on My Lips” are my faves.

    • but after “is the white horse coming?” they seemed to fall into average girl group M.O… their lyrics are more meaningful than most of the pop we see out there, but performance wise something went from quirky-indie to dancing girl group.

  • Leonardo Henrique

    it is charting well tho, for me deserved at least a top 10.
    But Nine Muses managed to stay in the top 20 all these days, so i’m goooood

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    This is actually a really cute song!

  • iAmAwesome

    …oh ok, anyway, can we talk about Katy Perry slaying the Super Bowl now?

    • Akie Akito

      honey boo, you know i love you, but Katy Perry did averagely well. of course there were props, colorful customes, crazy special effects, and good pre-recorded vocals — but nothing special about it. it was all Katy Perry that you can catch on her show.

      the true topic needs to be discussed about how Godney the Holy Spearit stole everyone’s thunder by appearing in a 6 seconds face-time commercial. #godney

      • iAmAwesome

        More views than Beyonse tho *nail polish emoji*

        And you’re right boo, that commercial was pointless and iconic. It was literally to let people know God still exist.

        • I definitely liked Katy’s more than Beyawnce’s, even though Katy was outshine by Missy (and Katy doing her Iggy hip-hop shtick was so embarrassing). But overall it was a good performance! Honestly anything is better than Bey. Bey’s was SO boring, she just recycled her tour performances, performed random b-sides and flops that nobody knows, and barely spent any money on production coz she thinks that her singing and dancing alone is enough. The only good part was Destiny’s Child.

          Janet, Katy, Madonna, Diana Ross >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Beyawnce.

          • iAmAwesome

            From Katy trying to be down with the minorities, and Byeonce being a cheap fuck and saving her coins to do another recycle cycle of her tour, like, where are the fucking lies in this comment?!


        • Akie Akito

          I prefer Katy’s than Horroronce’s. At least Katy’s was fun and the songs are catchy, unlike Thiefonce’s screaming and yelling fiasco. But still, I think Madgesty’s are far better than these two.

  • KingBeaArthur

    It’s sweet but “King & Queen” >>>>

    My problem with the group’s post Janghyun turn is they lost their spark. They used to be edgy and introspective. Now, even when they deliver they’re just kind of there. Which is why when they get truly glorious songs like “Here I Am” nothing happens!

    If they get a hit from this then good for them!

  • Akie Akito

    I love this Sunny Hill but what I love even more is the Midnight Circus-Pray-Grasshoper Song Sunny Hill. Please come back to that!

  • oh gawd! i cried so much with this mv, very beautiful! and sunny hill songs tend to be trully emotional and beautifully crafted – even if i think that their janghyun works are infinite times better than this current phase. i still like it, but i miss the quirkiness of those songs and performances

    sidenote-shade: kota’s hair is making her look like that weird 4TEN rapper. o_O

  • true

    Janghyun needs to come back quick time because they were my group, now all there songs sound the same. the new songs don’t come close to their ‘pray’/grasshopper song era