stellar guilty
What kind of better-late-than-never miracle is this…?

STELLAR, a.k.a. the army’s girl group and nation’s lost virginity, have just started promoting their legendary “Marionette” b-side, “Guilty.”

The twisted track became an instant fan favourite after the Marionette mini-album had Korea clutching its pearls exactly 362 days ago, but STELLAR dared never to perform it–until now.

The foursome unleashed “Guilty” live for the first time at a recent university event, and in the same day released an official dance practice video of the song.

STELLAR served A-side level Yama & Hot Chicks choreography for a b-side, leaving your fave girl group feeling untalented and inferior.

I’m not exactly sure why this is happening since STELLAR are currently in the midst of preparing their long-awaited comeback, but I thank Jesus for it.

I haven’t been this unexpectedly slayed since a pre-“Bar Bar Bar” Crayon Pop started re-promoting “Bing Bing” with the added Daft Punk dance break!

Experience the b-side of the millennium below.