stellar arena
As The Nation’s Wet Dream, it was only natural for STELLAR to play up their title by participating in a classy sleep-themed photo shoot for all their male fans who’d been woken in the middle of the night with a sticky sticky surprise after viewing the “Marionette” and “Mask” MVs before bed.

The pictorial, which appears in the January issue of Arena magazine, can be considered as pre-comeback promo since STELLEGEND are currently recording their next album.

Sadly, I found no mention of their comeback when I used Google Translate on the accompanying article, so I guess STALLAH are just keeping their return secretive and mysterious for now so they can shock us all once again with their next 180-degree transformation.

In other news, STELLAMAZING are also keeping busy by promoting the world’s greatest b-side “Guilty” in university campuses across Korea.

That STELLAR reign just won’t let up!