sonamoo just go
I think I wrote off SONAMOO a.k.a. Pine Tree too quickly when they debuted with “Deja Vu,” but I just felt like it was too early to bring back mid-2000s urban-pop, plus they just kind of seemed like a shit rip-off of the perfect B.A.P.

Nobody else liked them either because “Deja Vu” didn’t even make the top 100, which literally puts them on the level of flops like 4TEN and MINX.

I’ve come around on the group a bit since then and have come to enjoy their mini-album, so I was excited when I heard that they were going to start promoting one of the b-sides on music programs.

Unfortunately, it’s not the disco smash “국민 여동생; People’s Little Sister.”

They opted for “Just Go” instead, which is like a funkier, more interesting version of an A Pink filler track. But SONAMOO are supposed to be one of the few groups that aren’t doing the trending cute concept this year, so seeing them bop around on stage like casual college freshman while doing aegyo is a bit desperate.

I get that they’re going to go cute at some point like labelmates SECRET and B.A.P. did, but isn’t it a tad too soon?

Anyway, it’s still a good song, and I’m kind of starting to stan for these flops now (I’m a TS junkie, so I knew this day would come).

Check out Pine Tree’s “Just Go” below.