red velvet blonde girl mv
I thought I was over Red Velvet until I saw these photos of the group filming their comeback MV in California, and now I’m suddenly shaking and crying in anticipation of their return.

The girls, who were joined by some of the SM Rookies nugus for the shoot, have ditched their matching brunette locks for their new concept.

The foursome’s new single is apparently called “Blonde Hair,” although judging by these photos most of them are rocking edgy ginger wigs.

Ginger Velvet!

I have no idea when this is actually coming out, but as long as it doesn’t overshadow Rainbow’s comeback then my body is ready for it any time, any place.

  • The hair is a bit of a mess but I’M EXCITED SJSKDJSKAD

  • talinekae

    …. But none of them look good with blonde hair…

    I hope this doesn’t come in the say of Joy’s future of being the next Suzy. They should forever style her like they did for her Adult Ceremony performance.

    • The group’s visuals are really great, but you can tell as Joy grows, she is gonna be one of the best.

  • Db

    I wonder what “scandal” they’ll be trying to divert people’s attention from this time.

  • This looks too good! Red Velvet have the unexpectedness of f(x) with the supreme perfection of Girls Generation.

    I want the song to be super catchy and destroy on the music show circuit. It was cool that Apink went on a winning streak, but the song didn’t feel like it was worth it. I want a great Girl Group song to kill so bad.

  • Crocogator

    Ginger and blonde are two distinct hair colours, strawberry blonde does not exists.

    • Mariana On Fiyah

      Strawberry blonde does exist lol.

  • Marhaebwa


    Although I can only distinguish Joy and Seulgi, so…the rest are by default irrelevant.

    Seulgi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> joy >>>> y’all rest stop using schwarzkopf and using the good iissh (l’oreal).


    Omg their wigs look so cheap and trashtastic I love it! I can’t wait!!

  • KingBeaArthur

    Doubtful this will top the jumbled concept of preppy schoolgirl/jungle chic they debuted with. SM better bring them back with a mini!

  • James Smith III

    I feel like these girls are the realization of what a CSJH 2.0 would be