rainbow innocent
News of LOVELYZ’s comeback was exciting for five seconds until Rainbow stole their thunder with their edgy Innocent album cover.

Rainbow, who are scientifically proven to be the No. 1 girl group among Korean ahjussis and men who finished their mandatory military service in late 2011, have confirmed that they’ll return with their Innocent mini-album on the 23rd of February.

The group’s charm-reversal concept is something that’s never been done before in music, so please anticipate it and watch over Rainbow carefully with an open heart.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Welp…sorry Lovelyz!! My body is currently being prepared for Rainbow’s inevitable domination.


    FINALLY! Glad NoEul is back to short hair, she looks perf. Of course Jisook is the fiercest bitch up in those teaser images! Yaaaasss show them you were wrongly looked over for Rainbow BLAXX! (I will never forgive them for choosing Seungah).

    Ugh they all look so good. But why is Seungah always trying to emphasize her big ass jaw?

  • 364Leinad

    YAAASSSS!!!! My body is ready for a Seven Deadly Sins concept!

  • 364Leinad

    BREAKING NEWS: The Aretha Franklin of Korea, Kim Taeyeon is being forced at gunpoint to participate in something even worse than EXO’s formation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us5lvlW1sPU

    • Oh god. It looks fun and Amber looks pretty but the “shake that brass” line is so fucking corny and lame, and not in a good way.

      • 364Leinad

        It immediately makes me think of KidzBop how they censor the politically incorrect words with really corny and cringeworthy phrases

        • omg I’m stealing the KidzBop jab for my future review!

        • William Love

          the kidzbop version of lady gaga’s telephone SLAYS my soul. They changed the line “out in the club and i’m sippin that bubb” to “out in the club and i’m eatin that grub” like can you imagine some girl in a whore dress munching on a cheeseburger on the dance floor


    • tortilla

      this looks like taeyeon feat. amber,, when will sm artists who are not slayeon have the charisma talent and dazzling beauty to support their own solos

    • Marhaebwa

      Urggh, I’m so pressed. Like she slayed with Beautiful but why do I believe that this is gonna be such a regressive title track?


    • this is already turning out to be “infinite-h but really overdone”

  • jizabel

    P R A I S E this is giving me upgraded shades of the Mach promo pics. Do we know if the Serene Seven have gotten back with Sweetune? jfc I need Mach Part2. I mean, we all fucking need Mach Part2.

    • I’m not sure tbh but I’m scared for a Slaybow Slaytune reunion since A and Mach are legend songs that have yet to be surpassed… Although since Nine Muses fired Slaytune, maybe it’s wise that Rainbow pick up the scraps.

      • jizabel

        ia tbh but Sweetune has never once failed. Of course, even if they did fail and eventually gave up and decided to record Jisook taking a rock hard dump instead, the sound of it hitting the water would still be better than Tell Me Tell Me and Jerry Boy/Sunstroke were imo.

        • Um Tell Me Tell Me fucking slays so take ten seats!

  • Guest

    Finafriggenly!! I am loving this concept! Definitely Mach 2.0! Forever hoping they go back to Sweetune. Jisook is giving high fashion magazine realness in her teaser photo. DSP better not screw these girls over. Queen Jaekyung’s many talents are not supposed to be wasted on some $200 comeback. DSP needs to go all out with this! And I really need Seung A to go back to her visuals from the Not Your Girl promotions. She’s never looked that incredible since then.

  • Db

    I’m reminded of the Big Baby Baby cover, minus the dirty bath water. I could only hope it’ll be as good as BBB and Rainbow’s previous material with Sweetune.

  • this artwork is GORGEOUS!! so weird for a k-pop girl group u cannot not be excited to see what’s being cooked.

  • Milo


    The mini album highlight medley came out less then an hour ago.

  • Sunny

    the last track on the album teaser sounds amazing!!