nine muses drama
Just as I predicted in my post on sajaegi-dols G-SPOT last week, Nine Muses‘Drama’ has shot up the charts in its second week.

After debuting at a so-so No. 41, “Drama” just jumped to No. 13 on the Gaon weekly chart–making it the Muses’ highest-charting single EVER.

nine muses gif

Nine Muses naysayers, please don’t be too salty that these mythological goddesses are doing something that’s never been done before by peaking almost five years after they debuted. I’m sure your fave is cute too, just not on the Muses’ stratospheric level.

Making this even sweeter is that “Drama” is still sitting comfortably in the Melon top fifty (actually, the top forty as of this post), so they’re not going to drop off the Gaon chart any time soon.

Elsewhere, Sunny Hill’s stunning IU-esque single “Child In Time” debuts at No. 46. That’s not a great number, but it is higher than their last two singles, “Monday Blues” and “Here I Am,” and since it’s still charting on Melon, I hope they can climb higher in their second week like the Muses did.

Last AND least is A.KOR’s second single “Always,” which tragically didn’t even make the top 100.

gangkiz gif 2

I know it’s just generic danceable pop-rock, but I still like and I love the concept, so I was hoping it would at least do something on the charts. I’ve been an A.KOR fan ever since Kemy dragged that walking RealDoll™ Park Bom (despite apologizing like a pussy), and I was also obsessed with the underrated “But Go” and felt it deserved more success and attention.

Oh well.