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It looks “Drama” has replaced “Dolls” as Seven And a Half Muses‘ biggest hit.

After becoming the group’s highest-charting single EVER last week by reaching No. 13, “Drama” was able to spend a second frame in the top twenty this week by falling six spots to No. 19.

On the Melon real-time chart, “Drama” is still ranking in the top forty, making it one of the rare Seven And a Half Muses’ singles to actually show some longevity.

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Elsewhere on the Gaon chart, G-SPOT‘s “Anal Bead” is STILL somehow slaying, falling just one spot to No. 48 this week. At first I thought their success was all down to some TEEN TOP sajaegi shit, but I don’t know if their flop agency could really afford to keep manipulating the charts for this long.

Maybe G-SPOT are just legitimately really popular? But for a rookie girl group from an agency nobody has ever heard of, “Anal Bead” has been suspiciously successful. So far it’s out-performed SONAMOO and LABOUM, Red Velvet’s last single, all the new Hello Venus stuff, and even the legendary LOVELYZ.

I don’t know what the fuck is going on with this G-SPOT situation, but one thing’s for sure: something in the milk ain’t clean!

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  • KingBeaArthur

    Happy for Nine Muses! This era was make or break after losing the 3 members. Glad to see them succeeding.

    G-FRIEND beat Waggle Waggle?? I call shenanigans!!!!!!!

  • 364Leinad

    lol, Source music must be using all the money Dahee (#freeDahee) extorted from Byunghun to manipulate the charts

  • James Smith III

    You must truly love Real Housewives of Atlanta…:)

  • byoing~byoing.

    Keumjo unnie is so happy that her irrelevancy isn’t causing 9Muses to flop!

    • Marhaebwa

      YOU ARE GIVING ME LIFE! YOU ARE GIVING ME SHADE! STOP THIS AT ONCE! KumJoopz, aka the 99 cent edition of Sera does not deserve this.
      All she needs is some natural oils and she’ll blossom, I tell you!

    • On Weekly Idol, there was a quick cut to her, and it was so startling. Its like taking a hot soothing shower, and then buckets of ice water are dropped on you.

  • oneclearnight

    Thank god 9m finally have some success!!!!! I was getting tired of them consistently slaying and no one caring.

    As for Gfriend, maybe Korea really likes ITNW knockoffs? It is really good one.

  • snailsong

    happy for them even tho i didn’t really feel the song. Wish Sera was there to see some of her hard work pay off ;-;

  • roelm

    I feel that they’ve acquired new fans during their long lay-off. Perhaps all that news about member departures helped bring them attention. Some of it could perhaps be attributed to people belatedly discovering their music. The “Nasty, Nasty” promotions and Minha’s drama surely helped too.

    • diamonddog

      They actually lost a bunch of fans – several of their major fansites are still boycotting them.

      • roelm

        Really? what are the fansites boycotting them for? Are they still pissed off about the new members?

        • superduperamazin

          I don’t really think that it has to do anything with the new members. The boycotting began when the three members left last year and is more about boycotting the Star Empire and their shitty treatment of the members that led to the members “graduation”.

          • Chyan

            That’s a shitty way to boycott I would say. There are better ways.

  • Marhaebwa

    I feel you about G-Spot, but Korea could LEGIT see them as the second coming of SNSD. Lord knows their debut and image were based on ITNW (and anyone who wanna try tell me different, should go join Keumjoopy in the benches).

    • roelm

      I sort of suspect the same thing regarding them as an early SNSD type group, image-wise.

      • Marhaebwa

        Exactly, it’s like they knew what they were doing. I don’t really suspect saejaegi. The problem will be now how they capitalise on whatever interest they’ve received… #GirlsGeneration2point0forNextSingle

        • GAWD!! their styling was disturbingly HORRIBLE!

          edit: but they never sounded so good live like at this era. after that it’s all about sooyoung/hyoyeon lipsynch and yoona/sunny missed notes

          • Marhaebwa

            And TTS were born. The only ones who could keep up.

          • diamonddog

            Except Tiffany is a horrible singer.

          • Marhaebwa

            PREACH with no breath control and whiny tone. I don’t know. They still look good on stage.

          • i think tiffany is almost-great. the breath control is crappy, but when she does it right she’s beautiful!

          • diamonddog

            It bums me out that Sooyoung lipsyncs – she does have trouble with her breathing but when she gets it right she actually doesn’t sound half bad. Hyoyeon is AWESOME when given songs in the lower range (think – R&B/hip hop style), but Jessica… She had clearly stopped caring about SNSD long ago. Sunny needs a good shake, she keeps piling on all this unnecessary aegyo so it sounds like she’s squeaking half her lines, Yuri has been on a downward spiral for months… Hopefully this new comeback shows a revitalized SNSD or they are screwed.

          • aaaaaactually… i like yuri vocals. she does miss notes but from snsd dancers she’s the only one singing live…. and yoona *hello*! during the first weeks performances they mostly sing live, but weirdly with time they let it go… i dunno it’s annoying sometimes

          • Marhaebwa

            Hyoyeon – when given 0.2% of a line – is such a beautiful singer. I don’t know why people don’t appreciate just because she’s not a Taeyeon. Listen to her sparkle here (at 0:56)

          • this one’s cute, but choreography SUCKS! they clearly had zero time to rehearse this because NONE is in sync!

            kakakakaka queen hyoyeon slays though….

          • Marhaebwa

            SNSD are so much like this. WE KNOW THEY CAN SLAY. But sometimes, they do things so half heartedly and the end product can be… (Please see Visual Dreams), that said, SM does rush them a lot sometimes so yeah. HYOSLAY!

          • just saw visual dreams. that choreography is PERFECTION!

            i do think they’re so overworked that sometimes they simply cannot hide.

          • Marhaebwa

            My friend, I do think that Visual Dreams is one of their most interested and advance choreo but look carefully, the dance is riddled with mistakes. They probably learnt it the day before filming lol.

          • lol i noticed that! but i chose to ignore it to comment deliberatedly for biased reasons – hence the overworking commentary :P

            tiffany doesn’t look up at a single moment, formation changes are horrible, and sync is long lost gone from song start… it’s actually a big fat mess lol

          • png

            YoonA actually tried to sing up until their Oh! days. Granted it was off-key, but it was so confident. It was actually SUNNY who sold me onto SNSD back then. Here’s one with Yoona confidently singing. Oh God, 2007 feels so long ago now.


          • omg they’re all MARVELOUS! what the fuck happened to SM they allowed these girls to waste such talents?

            god, even jessica was flawfree! i became a sone on “the boys” era so she was already losing her mojo and being substituted by tiffany as main vocal.

            it’s also sad that after “gee” they only get high pitch girlie sound music, cos it’s clear by this video they have a great variation of tones. pop music can be a bitch for vocalists sometimes


    LOOK AT THIS and let’s cry for our goddesses being ostracized by the idol community! these little pricks know nothing of being in the presence of greatness :'(

    • William Love

      probably because they’re all gorgeous model-dols so they’re fairly intimidating to men, you know? also you know 9M have never fucked around with that oppa cutsie nonsense and from my experience… korean men are fairly awk around confident, grown ass women haha

      • Db

        It could be that the male idols are repulsed by Kumjoop.

      • Or Oppas just didn’t want their fans seeing how short they actually are when standing next to the super-model idols.

    • byoing~byoing.

      akp is so shady they don’t even use a picture of the current lineup :|

  • William Love

    first – i legitimately googled g-spot because i thought that was the group’s name.

    second – if nine muses becoming “kyungri & friends” is gonna propel them to the top, i’m all for it! I think that was their problem all these years. they never really had a star member that got pushed significantly more than the others (think Hyuna, A-Pink’s Eunji, Suzy, blah blah blah). if they keep pimping a couple of select members in the media i think nine muses can rise as a solid mid tier girl group and fill the void after school left behind D:

  • It doesn’t surprise me that G-Spot are popular, b/c whenever they are compared to Lovelyz and Red Velvet, Netizens trash them. The more antis a group has usually means they are doing something right.

    Or maybe they are like me, and are mesmerized but their ugly/pretty ambiguity. That maknae for example :o

    • kakakakakak gawd she’s weird! the poor thing… but i’m totally with you on their ambiguity

    • Riley Biers

      LMFAOOOOOO omfg her face shocked me tbh

      • She kinda reminds of a Wednesday Adams figure. Honestly want another comeback just so I and see more of her and find out what her deal is.

  • ByronZ

    They need to do another 3 comebacks (like in 2013 following “Dolls”), hopefully they’ll get a bigger hit. Nine Muses Hwaiting!

  • Nicole Naeun


    Side note: GFriend is actually back up by one of the biggest music distributor (now their agency too) in Korea so yeah…