nine muses drama
It looks “Drama” has replaced “Dolls” as Seven And a Half Muses‘ biggest hit.

After becoming the group’s highest-charting single EVER last week by reaching No. 13, “Drama” was able to spend a second frame in the top twenty this week by falling six spots to No. 19.

On the Melon real-time chart, “Drama” is still ranking in the top forty, making it one of the rare Seven And a Half Muses’ singles to actually show some longevity.

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Elsewhere on the Gaon chart, G-SPOT‘s “Anal Bead” is STILL somehow slaying, falling just one spot to No. 48 this week. At first I thought their success was all down to some TEEN TOP sajaegi shit, but I don’t know if their flop agency could really afford to keep manipulating the charts for this long.

Maybe G-SPOT are just legitimately really popular? But for a rookie girl group from an agency nobody has ever heard of, “Anal Bead” has been suspiciously successful. So far it’s out-performed SONAMOO and LABOUM, Red Velvet’s last single, all the new Hello Venus stuff, and even the legendary LOVELYZ.

I don’t know what the fuck is going on with this G-SPOT situation, but one thing’s for sure: something in the milk ain’t clean!

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