lovelyz comeback
As expected from us grown adults with at least half a brain, nation’s sexual harassment-dol Seo Jisoo has been more or less cleared of the vicious allegations against her after police caught the dickless dumb-fuck that originally spread the rumours.

It’s just a shame that T-ara didn’t receive the same justice as Jisoo, but I guess that just means that T-ara died so LOVELYZ could live.

LOVELYZ are now preparing for their late-February comeback, with their first official teaser hitting the web today. Jisoo isn’t in it, but Woolim Entertainment has confirmed that she’ll return to promote with the group for their following comeback.

I can’t wait for the innocent purification that dirty hateful Korea will receive once Japanese idols LOVELYZ return! Their lowly rivals G-SPOT must be feeling so pressed right about now.