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Back in December when I exclusively broke the news that English flops Little Mix and Japanese girl group Flower were collaborating on a single together, I initially thought that it was a lame idea that wouldn’t yield anything particularly noteworthy and was solely being used to push Little Mix in the Asian market since their attempt to crack America failed.

Now their duet, “Dreamin’ Together,” has finally arrived, and it’s actually really good.

First of all, Little Mix sing in English and Flower mostly sing in Japanese, so we don’t need to hear either group butcher a language that they can’t even speak properly.

Secondly, Flower have opted not to release another one of their signature melodic midtempo ballads this time, and have instead gone for a bright, jittery electro-pop song that sounds like an E-Girls single (except better because E-girls are overrated).

The music video is funny, because most Flower PVs are filled with intricate contemporary choreography as petals and foliage float through the air. However, Little Mix are from the UK, which means they can’t dance and have no talent beyond singing voices suitable for TV cheese like The X Factor, so everybody just kind of jumps around until the end when both groups perform a basic routine with quick camera cuts to hide the fact that Little Mix can’t do it seamlessly like Asia’s cyborg pop stars can.

Also, Little Mix look ten years older than their actual age with that wheelbarrow full of make up they shovelled on compared to the fresh-faced Flower. Asian make up is so pretty and elegant. Why do Western women beat their faces until they look like Drag Race contestants?

Little Mix looked good though, just old and MILF-y. Did they fix their faces up K-pop style, or just lose weight and get a better stylist? Or maybe it’s a little from column A, a little from column B.

Anyway, enjoy the surprisingly great “Dreamin’ Together” below.

I had to remove the full music video due to a copyright infringement claim, but if you go to Daily Motion or Jpopsuki.tv you can watch it there.

  • Cole Valentine

    You always gotta throw shade lmao

  • KingBeaArthur

    This is better than I anticipated it would be! Little Mix look cute but beat. Less is more, darlings.


    This is MUCH better than I thought it would be, probably because 3/4 of the song is all Flower. Good Lord Little Mix have so much fucking makeup on! They look like disgusting trash boxes next to the natural and pure beauties of Flower. Even their 5 seconds of choreo was sleazy next to them. Hopefully Little Mix will stop trying so hard, it ain’t cute.

    • Guest

      Typical Jpop/Kpop fan comment to make Western artists look better than your bias smh

      • wait… what… Little Mix wasn’t complimented at all… I think you have that bit backwards….

      • MIKEE

        Sorry love idk wtf you’re talking about.

        • Marhaebwa

          Haha Guest tried to come for you but failed nicely!

          • MIKEE

            Lmao! Guest did all the work for me.

      • I think everyone agrees here that Flower >>>>>>> Little Mix.

  • Db

    That was surprisingly good. It sounded an awful lot like a Katy Perry song, but better.

  • haha WORD on little mix’s make up! they look horrible lol

    but i don’t exactly agree with asian make up [always] being lighter and fresher – i’m always shocked with how most of these k-pop j-pop kids are on their late teens when they actually look like almost on their 30s.

    i love e-girls and am still to look further into flower, this is cute and all but i gotta say all and for once: WE’RE HERE FOR RAINBOW COMEBACK REVIEW!! lol

  • GSF

    The girls of Little Mix are so lame. I’m dying for the resurgence of English-speaking girl groups more than anyone, but so far no one’s really stepped up to the plate since the disbandment of PCD. GRL’s debut EP was very solid, but their future doesn’t look so bright, especially after the sudden, tragic death of group member (& personal fav) Simone Battle. Fifth Harmony is a step up from the Little Mixers, but even they’re not truly hitting it.

    Oh well. This song’s fantastic, thanks in full to Flowers

    • PCD was the last bastion weren’t they… I too am waiting for an English speaking girl group to bring it… 5th Harmony sure does try though, but bless their hearts when they try to dance.

      • For me, especially, its the concept/mvs. Going from 4minute’s Crazy to 5th Harmony’s Sledgehammer is just sad.

  • JisForJoshiePoo

    I wanted to think you were exaggerating about Little Mix’s makeup, but damn…

    • crayonpunk

      I was hoping the same, but holy shit whoever is styling Little Mix needs to chill with the contouring and lip liner. And the eyebrows on some of the girls were waaaay to severe, like I get that having strong eyebrows is the style now but those are too strong.

  • It’s so jarring whenever they cut between Reina and Jesy. I remember when “Move” came out and I thought I would try to get into Little Mix, but Jesy is a wall you can’t touch. Almost makes me yearn for Keumjoo.

  • 364Leinad

    Lmao Perri looks like an ugly Adore Delano

  • culchan

    I’m no Little Mix fan, but Flower is 2 singers who don’t dance, and 5 dancers who don’t sing, so I’m not falling all over myself praising Flower’s talent.

    Also, what’s with all the shots of girls smiling vacuously into space? It’s like Stepford Idols.

    Also also, first “We Are Venus”, and now this? What’s with E-Girls not finishing their videos?? ><

  • Stadium

    Despite their train wreck styling, especially their atrocious makeup, Little Mix is actually pretty good. Their second album sounds better than some of the shit I’m hearing from k-pop groups. Don’t really the care for this song, it’s okay, not the greatest.

  • snailsong

    i’m curious who this is aimed at? the english speaking market is never going to view/buy it since it features another language (and it’s obvs not the next gangnam style). But if little lip liner’s people are trying to take over japan why would they go so over the top with the styling? Unless trashy western pop is a niche market in Japan :////

    props to them both tho the song is fantastic

    • William Love

      maybe little mix can step into the trash pop niche SDN48 tried to capture for 5 minutes and failed miserably at and/or collab with our eternal flop favorite koda kumi

  • oneclearnight

    that lip liner is so horrendous i can’t even. it honestly hard to believe that little mix are all in their early 20’s… i actually thought they were all 30+ lmao.

    flower slayed the concept/song tbh. it’s weird how little mix made those 5 seconds of choreo at the end sexual when i don’t think they were supposed to be??

  • William Love

    i love how flower is GETTING IT the entire video and little mix just kinda stand around. also i’m kinda here for little mix’s classy drag queen chic look even though it doesn’t work with flower at all lmaoooooo

  • hayriye yilmaz

    Little mix is like 10000000x better than flower. Wtf are ya all talking about, let their make up be like it is and dont talk shit about them like really you have to chill. The girls are famous af and they know what they have to do. So accept that. And they have talent what nobody else can have in a thousand years and they can hit better notes than you will ever hit. The music video is beautiful and amazing:) good job.

  • fay

    oh no! women… wearing makeup! that makes them feel confident! this is terrible. let’s put them down like the lovely human beings we are.