flower little mix dreamin
Back in December when I exclusively broke the news that English flops Little Mix and Japanese girl group Flower were collaborating on a single together, I initially thought that it was a lame idea that wouldn’t yield anything particularly noteworthy and was solely being used to push Little Mix in the Asian market since their attempt to crack America failed.

Now their duet, “Dreamin’ Together,” has finally arrived, and it’s actually really good.

First of all, Little Mix sing in English and Flower mostly sing in Japanese, so we don’t need to hear either group butcher a language that they can’t even speak properly.

Secondly, Flower have opted not to release another one of their signature melodic midtempo ballads this time, and have instead gone for a bright, jittery electro-pop song that sounds like an E-Girls single (except better because E-girls are overrated).

The music video is funny, because most Flower PVs are filled with intricate contemporary choreography as petals and foliage float through the air. However, Little Mix are from the UK, which means they can’t dance and have no talent beyond singing voices suitable for TV cheese like The X Factor, so everybody just kind of jumps around until the end when both groups perform a basic routine with quick camera cuts to hide the fact that Little Mix can’t do it seamlessly like Asia’s cyborg pop stars can.

Also, Little Mix look ten years older than their actual age with that wheelbarrow full of make up they shovelled on compared to the fresh-faced Flower. Asian make up is so pretty and elegant. Why do Western women beat their faces until they look like Drag Race contestants?

Little Mix looked good though, just old and MILF-y. Did they fix their faces up K-pop style, or just lose weight and get a better stylist? Or maybe it’s a little from column A, a little from column B.

Anyway, enjoy the surprisingly great “Dreamin’ Together” below.

I had to remove the full music video due to a copyright infringement claim, but if you go to Daily Motion or Jpopsuki.tv you can watch it there.