kyary mondai girl
It’s been about seven months since Kyary Pamyu Pamyu released her last single, the fantastically catchy “Kira Kira Killer.” I’m not quite sure how she spent her downtime between then and now, but I imagine it probably involved innocently holding hands with her boyfriend Fukase (KPP is an asexual space goddess from the Algol planetary system of Sega’s Phantasy Star universe) and admiring her own reflection in a kawaii compact mirror.

Now she’s back with the fabulous “Mondai Girl,” which is another slam dunk if you’re someone who hasn’t tired of Pamyu’s sound yet. (I know some of y’all are experiencing a little Kyary fatigue, but I’m nowhere near done with her.)

“Mondai Girl” mixes pulsating italo disco with intergalactic dance-pop and arcadey game synths, making it sound both retro and futuristic at once. I instantly love any pop song with any of the aforementioned elements, so a musical woody was guaranteed on my end.

In the music video, Kyary dresses as a pink Paris Pamyu Hilton, an industrial raver goth, and a triangle. There’s some weird Total Recall virtual reality thing going on too, but don’t ask me what it means.

All in all, it slays, and it isn’t even the full version.