kira pink soul
I have absolutely no idea who KIRA is, but I stumbled across her by accident on YouTube last week and have fallen in love with her single “ナデシコSOUL” (“Pink Soul” in English).

Reggaeton in pop music can be really hit and miss, but KIRA’s stab at the genre is hot enough to bring Brick & Lace back from the dead, leave Kat Deluna green with envy, and have Sean Paul blowing up her phone for a collaboration.

Rihanna needs to scrap all the Kanye West shit from #R8, sew in some synthetic dreads and start dutty wining her ass to this like she’s Nicole Scherzinger in “Right There.”

By the way, in my mind when I listen to this it’s Santana on that electric guitar outro.

I downloaded KIRA’s album to check if there was anything else on there as good as this Latin hip-pop smash, but there wasn’t really anything on there worth sharing with y’all–it mostly just sounded like a generic Koda Kumi album.

Anyway, enjoy “Pink Soul” and the official remix version with MINMI below.