hitmaker magic words
As a massive girl group stan I was really excited for the new season of MBC’s Hitmaker, which is a reality show that sees a bunch of random idols put together to form a one-off project group.

With season two starring G.NALizzy, Youngji, and Sohyun, the foursome’s single “Magic Words” should be something on the level of Dazzling Red’s legendary “This Person” or Mystic White’s “Mermaid Princess,” but the end result –a pleasant, aegyo-filled midtempo– is far more pedestrian than it should be.

I love cutsie K-pop more than most people, and “Magic Words” is totally my style, but it sounds like something a rookie girl group from a small agency would release. I expected an A-list single from a group featuring Korea’s tragic guilty pleasure G.NA (who is too old for this project, which only makes the whole thing even more amazing), After School’s best member Lizzy, the derpy girl who single-handedly revived KARA’s entire career, and 2015 era Sohyun who recently went from a Moonfaced waste of space to everybody’s new bias.

Like I said, I like it, it just isn’t on the level that it should be. This song should’ve snatched the silk ribbons right out of A Pink’s hair and brought back memories of Korea’s most iconic cute groups, like S.E.S. and classic KARA.

They do make a nice looking group though, don’t they? G.NA is giving me cute unnie realness à la Girl’s Day’s Sojin, and this concept suits Youngji much better than “Mamma Mia” did.

Anyway, if this group or any group like it decides to do this whole thing again, please book Sweetune next time.

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