hello venus get used
Ever since Nine Muses swapped supermodel Lee Sem for the enzyme deficient Kumjoop and SNSD started taking a beating from father time, I’ve come to recognize Hello Venus as Asia’s No. 1 goddesses and visuals.

Their unmatched beauty surpasses even Suzy, Girl’s Day, and AOA, and has led to the girls booking multiple CFs despite not having any hits songs.

They’re currently the face of Get Used (formerly fronted by Brown Eyed Girls), and in what is one of the most iconic CFs ever recorded, Hello Goddess demonstrate their legendary “Wiggle Wiggle” dance while dressed head-to-toe in “Sticky Sticky” denim.

“Wiggle Wiggle’s” IMPACT!

wiggle wiggle gif

Hopefully this will contribute positively to Hello Venus’ current campaign to trick us all into thinking that “Wiggle Wiggle” is a viral sensation.

In other news, fresh member (and nation’s new bagel-dol) Seoyoung recently opened up about Hello Goddesses flawless beauty in a new interview, honestly revealing that she was added to the group to increase the visual level to heights never before reached by a girl group in the history of K-pop.

I got shown on TV, looked amazing and I was dazed (laughs),” admitted the humble star. “Before Yeoreum and I came in, the company promoted to be ‘An upgraded line up of beauty’ (for the group). I still lack and have a lot of improvements to make. I’ll do my best.

Asia’s pearl Nara added, “I hope Hello Venus get more love. To be able to get it, we’re gonna show various charms. This time we transformed into sexy concept because we wanted to show ‘We can do this sexy concept too.’ I want Hello Venus to be able to do any colour. In my heart I just say, someday you will be big!

Hello Venus are already big in the hearts and penises of fans everywhere, but I can’t wait for nation’s wet dreams to surpass all these ugly girl groups by rising to the top of the charts where they belong.

As God is my witness, I’ll never stan ugly groups again!