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The Gaon chart was about five days late to update the latest ranking this/last week, but they finally got around to it earlier today and quite frankly I am shocked at what my precious eyes had to see when I gazed upon the top 100 songs.

Those evil little sajaegi-dols G-Spot are back up eight spots to No. 40 with “Anal Bead,” and are also STILL sitting comfortably on the lower end of Melon’s real-time chart.

The longevity of “Anal Bead” literally makes it the most successful girl group debut since Ladies’ Code’s “Bad Girl” in 2013. The only other girl group to do similar numbers is Red Velvet with “Happiness,” but they’re from SM Entertainment so their success is a given and can only be fairly measured against groups from other big agencies.

What kind of spell did G-Spot cast to receive all the power of Manon and achieve this kind of fame and fortune, and why can’t LOVELYZ get in on it too?

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Elsewhere, 4minute‘s “Crazy” debuted at No. 3, which is actually kind of low for them. However, the song is getting a good reception from the public and holding up well on Melon, so it should hang around for a while. Obviously, Other is to blame for it not hitting No. 1 though.

Nine Muses’ “Drama” is No. 25 and still in the Melon top fifty, which is amazing by Nine Muses standards and makes “Drama” the “Gee”/”Tell Me”/”Abracadabra”/”Roly Poly” of 2015, but more legendary and iconic.

Meanwhile, AmBro‘s “Shake That Pacifier” fucking flopped at No. 29 like it deserved to.

Aaaaaand I think that’s about it for this week.

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  • Db

    This whole post is gold! Especially the Craft reference.

    I wonder if Kidz Bop outsold Shake That Crap.

    • 364Leinad

      Of course KidzStop sold more than Shake That Ass. USA is one of the two best selling music industries in the world, whereas Korea is less than 1%. Kidzbop has probably sold more copies of one of their albums in Etheopia then f(x) will sell in their entire career.

  • Antonio Carollo

    Amber didn’t get full week sales though so watch out for Shake That Pacifier to crack Top 15

  • Sunny

    Drama’s longevity is surprising. so happy!

  • KingBeaArthur

    That last GIF is divine.

    Head over heels for Nine Muses! They deserved a hit. But damn it Other *heavy sigh* she stays fucking things up!

  • Julian Jung

    I’ve never really understood why Hyuna and the 4 minutes are popular. None of their songs are all that special tbh. Only two of the member can actually sing, and Other really just doesn’t add anything to the group. I’ve hated Other ever since she shaded the goddesses of Rainbow on some variety show back then.

    Slay Muses are true queens. I can’t help but think they’ll definitely crack the top 10 and win their first award when they have their next comeback. Something about their Dolls/Drama concepts seems to really work for the Korean public. I’m okay with that, especially since this is I think the closest they’ve ever come to winning an award! They were top 5 for a lot of music shows, and even came as close as 2nd place.

    LGBTAmber had all those celeb cameos to make up for how awful her solo debut would be, and I guess it didn’t really work. Do people still like Taeyeon?

    • png

      From SNSD news so far this year, I think public opinion is “Eh” on Taeyeon now. She’s starting to slide into irrelevancy or being just a legacy celebrity. Pretty much all of SNSD is that right now. They’re NOT unpopular, they’re just not the “It Girls” anymore. This can change with her solo though. If it’s well received on the level of “If” or “Can You Hear Me”, this will revitalize her image.

  • Leonardo Henrique

    i cant with gspot
    they arent even pretty like for real, i miss when korea was all looks and little talents, this way t-ara got qri/boram/jiyeon, kara got hara, secret got sunhwa and snsd got basically all their lineup. it makes me mad that godvelyz is flopping while the new sajaegi queens are stealing the spotlight.
    for me, they need a little more work done, there’s one girl who needs a month in a few gangnam clinics, and with some luck she will manage to look like that one gangnam unnie that every group needs.

    • 364Leinad

      “i miss when korea was all looks and little talents”
      I usually can’t stand it when people go “^^^^THIS!!!1!” but I’l make an exception becausee this is the truest tea I’ve seen in a LONG time. Everytime some idiot fangirl goes “I hate how this industry focuses so much on looks” I want to punch them in the fucking face. Honestly Shinbi and Sowon are the only memorable members of Anti-Apink and they still deserve a refund from their surgeons for looking so basic.

    • JujuTruth

      Preach.. for a group so shamelessy plastic not a one speck of beauty can be seen from this group which is a sin, like shit, what/who was their goal because they missed it by a long shot. Sowon is the only pretty one and the counterfeit Jessica doesn’t impress me

      . Their company is truly shoehorning them down everyone’s throat with obvious under the table deals and sajaegi I guess they’re willing to go broke for this endeavor.

  • G-Spot are Witch-dols, and that magnae is putting a spell on all of us. Ya’ll admit it, her looks are intriguing!

    Also, they got points for their nugu dance variety skills.

    • Leonardo Henrique

      god, the maknae is a sight from hell, she looks like a mix of hyoyeon and a petit werewolf
      she should’ve put that blanket over her head and spare us

      • LMAO @ that description. Her magic is in her beady eyes, and that blanket would end gfriend’s reign. She reminds me of a creepy child that would be in a horror movie; she is Rosemary’s baby.

  • png

    This news of “Drama’s” longevity pleases Keumjo.

    • Egbutts Egbust
      • Lilacbenson

        Damn that mug tho! Smh

    • byoing~byoing.


      • png

        Sorry! You screencapped this? I wasn’t going to take credit for it. I thought it was an unflattering press photo from a show. I saved it off your earlier post since it’s such a great/unflattering pic of Keumjo. I also made it into my profile pic. I’ll credit you properly.

        • byoing~byoing.

          Ahahahaha, I did, but it’s fine boo. It’s was a joke :P. Spread the love! :D

  • meowmel

    I have to be honest i never thought drama would do well like this. I’m impressed

  • Riley Biers

    LMFAOOOO @ the ugly maknae of gspot. i seriously fucking cant

  • snailsong

    this just makes me think of what could have been if lovelyz had avoided the whole lesbian dildo rape scandal and debuted to universal adoration and adulation. Their album was so solid and their concept so well executed! Didn’t they have a different uniform for every member for every performance? what kind of dedication????

    • snailsong

      AND they were the first to bring back the whole ‘throw a few basic girls in to make it interesting’ thing but g-friend stole THAT as well by introducing that little troll girl!!! (who is actually super cute but omg look at her)