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The Gaon chart was about five days late to update the latest ranking this/last week, but they finally got around to it earlier today and quite frankly I am shocked at what my precious eyes had to see when I gazed upon the top 100 songs.

Those evil little sajaegi-dols G-Spot are back up eight spots to No. 40 with “Anal Bead,” and are also STILL sitting comfortably on the lower end of Melon’s real-time chart.

The longevity of “Anal Bead” literally makes it the most successful girl group debut since Ladies’ Code’s “Bad Girl” in 2013. The only other girl group to do similar numbers is Red Velvet with “Happiness,” but they’re from SM Entertainment so their success is a given and can only be fairly measured against groups from other big agencies.

What kind of spell did G-Spot cast to receive all the power of Manon and achieve this kind of fame and fortune, and why can’t LOVELYZ get in on it too?

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Elsewhere, 4minute‘s “Crazy” debuted at No. 3, which is actually kind of low for them. However, the song is getting a good reception from the public and holding up well on Melon, so it should hang around for a while. Obviously, Other is to blame for it not hitting No. 1 though.

Nine Muses’ “Drama” is No. 25 and still in the Melon top fifty, which is amazing by Nine Muses standards and makes “Drama” the “Gee”/”Tell Me”/”Abracadabra”/”Roly Poly” of 2015, but more legendary and iconic.

Meanwhile, AmBro‘s “Shake That Pacifier” fucking flopped at No. 29 like it deserved to.

Aaaaaand I think that’s about it for this week.

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