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Korea’s shining star soon-to-be America’s sweetheart CL appears in the latest issue of Complex magazine to talk about her upcoming record-breaking PSY-slaying U.S. debut.

The epitome of talent and #swag promises Complex that she won’t be changing her style to suit the basic American market (yasss!) and also says that 2NE1 aren’t breaking up (boooo!).

That’s not true!” she said of the 2NE1 breakup rumours. “We just finished our tour and everybody gets to take a break now. It’s just I don’t get a break. [Laughs.]

She’s also not going to be ‘sexy’ like those silicone sluts Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea.

Well, you know my image when I was in 2NE1. And I’m not going to change that. I’m not against being beautiful or sexy or anything, but it’s just I have this—I don’t know how to say it—but I have this “cool” image that I want to keep.

CLegend will also be serving good music with her debut and representing Korea in a positive way so she can return to the country next year as the new nation’s daughter-in-law.

I feel like it’s all about good music at the end of the day. It’s not like I’m a rookie—I have been doing this for a long time in Asia. It’s just a new market. I have to have good music, so I’m just focusing on that.”

I’m going to try my best to represent Korea in the best way. [Laughs.] In a cool way. I feel like sometimes we have the wrong image, and I want to fix it a little bit. I’ll try my best.

Divine diva! Queen of cool! Goddess of rap! Moschino’s first love!

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[Via Complex]

  • she looks like short soyu

  • Bruno

    That second pic looks. god. awful.

    • It makes her look old. Wonder why that one was picked for the shoot.

    • y’all just pressed at her vintage early 2000s fashion

      • Bruno

        the only redeeming factor on that outfit are dem hula hoop earrings and you know it. <3

  • BadB*tch


  • 2015 is becoming the best year in music.

  • JisForJoshiePoo

    Dem titties and those mom jeans, tho…

    • DKabre

      Her debut is going to get Americans to thirst for some Korean MILFs, goddamn

  • Riley Biers

    Ded at all of these “nations first” etc lol

  • KingBeaArthur

    She’s going to slay “106 & Park”! How saintly of her to continue to prop up Park Drugs. We are not worthy, CLegend.

  • JammySmoochie

    Release that goddamn Florence + the Machine collab already! I am so excited for this, for her. *bows down*

  • i hope she’s all right and accomplishes everything she’s saying, but it’s sad to depply know she’ll be sexed-up by management to fit at least one asian stereotype…

    but hey this is me being very pessimistic because i don’t believe for a second in humanity’s ability of surprising me for the good, especially western/americanized culture. so just lemme expect the lowest so i don’t get disappointed at the end

  • Andrew Rod

    “I feel like sometimes we have the wrong image, and I want to fix it a little bit. I’ll try my best” *turns to look at PSY*

  • Sunny

    i like that shes firm in what she wants musically & image wise. She doesn’t want to be a flash in the pan like Psy of course.

    PS: the second pic makes her look like the messy lovechild of cyndi lauper and koda kumi. not feeling it lol

  • yosafbridge

    Whoever styled CL in that 2nd photo above needs to be fired.