fiestar black label
Threesome-dols turned chair-dols FIESTAR gave fans an early look at their upcoming Black Label comeback during some free concert in a mall yesterday for their seven fans (eight if you include me, but I couldn’t make it).

I don’t know if the one-and-a-half minutes of the new song they performed is their official single or not, but it sounded pretty good and featured elegant chair dancing like Demi Moore in the The Palme d’Or-winning Striptease, so I’m sold.

Look out for FIESTAR’s full comeback from March 4.

  • Nicole Naeun


  • Egbutts Egbust

    I became a fan of the legendary 1,2,3 Peter Paul and Mary-dols after they swiffered the floor with the snatched weaves of everyone else in the industry. I’m glad to see they’re continuing to do the whole sex concept, because it’s really making me solidify my love for them.

  • Isthatapuppy234

    not saying this isnt great or anything, but FIESTAR had so much potential to become a new fresh top girl group. how did LOENENT even screw them up so bad that they have to perform in malls as if they are that trashy girl group BLUSH. “Vista” was amazing. “We dont stop” was okay, but not good enough. and since then it has all been down hill. they are not the girl group i fell in love with in 2012. so sad.

    • KingBeaArthur

      Ditto to every single word!

    • HavokWWE

      FIESTAR are really good it’s just that since losing Cheska they’ve kinda lost their edge as a group. Cheska brought that sort of street kinda edge to the group and now their like a typical girl group only that all the members are actually pretty.

      I think they felt going sexy with One More would’ve been a hit, but with them having to change the lyrics the song just didn’t take off. I think maybe this album might be a turn around for them.

      Same thing for TAHITI. They decided to go sexy as a last minute effort to get some form of popularity and Phone Number flopped. Sexy doesn’t work for everyone.

    • 364Leinad

      It’s not really bad managmentt, it’s just bad luck. They tried the “fresh, powerful dancing” concept, it flopped. They tried the “lite-2NE1” concept, it too flopped.

  • jizabel

    Damn, this sounds pretty gud! Looks like they’re going the understated and chic route for their follow-up to One More. Could Goddess Stellar’s impact be any more undeniable?

  • KingBeaArthur

    The song sounds great and the choreography is nice but I’m so tired of sexy concepts from groups that didn’t start that way, continue to do it without moving past it [*cough* AOA], or bring nothing new to the table. The concept works for SISTAR b/c that’s how they started; they’ve also varied it up over the years. And it worked for Girl’s Day as part of their natural evolution into stars.

    This, however, is one part Hello Venus and one part STELLAR with a dash of AOA. If they couldn’t get it with “One More” I doubt this is going to do it for them either.

  • snailsong

    i was ready to be unimpressed but it sounds really good :o i’m anticipating!

  • oneclearnight

    I want Fiestar to have a meteoric rise to fame ala EXID already. They’re too good not be huge already. Make it happen, Loen. This looks so good!!

  • Marhaebwa


  • HAAA i they’re gorgeous! and i hope they they show a lot more of pseudo-skin on the video a la spice girls’ naked performances – because those chairs are exactly like the ones SG used.

    as for the song, it sounds like mellow shinsadong tiger and i’m pretty sure that if it’s a single no one in korea will pay enough attention for it to be a hit… which is sad because it’s deserved.