fiestar black label
I seriously thought that FIESTAR were headed for disbandment after their single about gangbangs tanked, but the Nation’s First Threesome are giving it one more try with the release of their first mini-album, Black Label.

They’re giving me Brown Eyed Girls realness on the album cover photo, so I’m already feeling the future slayage.

I’ve loved FIESTAR since they debuted, so I’m pretty confident I’ll enjoy anything they put out. Even their OST single for Krystal’s flop hallyu drama was good.

Black Label drops on March 3rd.

Btw, for those of you wondering, yes I’ve half-written a scathing review of Amber’s solo debut (and some other stuff), but I’ve been too busy to finish it all. It’s coming though!

fiestar gif

  • Can we talk about how amazing Cao Lu looks in that photo? If she was Korean, she’d probably be the groups most popular member! Let’s get her to China and slay like she needs to!

  • ByronZ

    This and Rainbow’s “Black Swan” teaser made my day :D
    So happy!


    FIESTAR’s flawless feature on Krystal’s drama was the best part of the entire show. They look so damn good and high fashion I can’t wait! Cao Lu is my girl, I hope they give her some more camera time for this comeback.

    I’ll hold my tongue regarding Ambrosia’s debut until your official review lol.

  • Riley Biers

    yasss drag that flop dyke!! Waiting patiently

  • Db

    Has there ever been a group in history that had to stop promotions and release a neutered and infinitely inferior version of their song only to still be denied air time?

    One More suffered the biggest injustice of all time!

    • Marhaebwa

      Ha-na-na-na-na Hana SLAY.

      Their infinitely-better-than-Jamelia bop should have been scalping, if songs like EXID’s “Up and Down” were. SOMEBODY RECORD YEZI TWERKING AT A GUERILLA CONCERT!

      • i knoooow! hanadeo RULES and it was tons better than up & down even if i don’t dislike that one either. after stellar’s marionette that was a bold sexy concept

      • Db

        I honestly like Up&Down a bit more, but I agree that both were equally deserving of success, even though only 1 song got it. Dal Shabet’s BBB should have also topped the charts.

        • Marhaebwa

          I spun BBB so much. The structure of that song and the 80’s sound make it perfect. Up and Down of course slays, but I just thing Hana Slay didn’t get the justice it deserved, irrespective of EXID. But we can blame KBS and other stations for cockblocking them.

  • 364Leinad

    That’s cute but Rainbow have already pre-burnt the two dollar weaves of every other hallyu idol

    • Marhaebwa

      Woori is disgustingly pretty, I can’t.

      • 364Leinad

        “It’s Perfect”

      • Db

        She is! They’re all just so pretty. My favourites would be Jisook (poor man’s Taeyeon, but cooler), Woori and jill-of-all-trades Jaekyung. Bonus points for Hyunyoung’s bangin’ body!

    • this is beaaaaautiful!!

  • JammySmoochie


    Can’t believe it took them this long to give us a mini album. I’m so ready!

  • T-rollypoly