brown eyed girls comeback 2015
I was a little pressed when Ga-In announced that she’d be making yet another solo comeback while the remaining members of Asia’s greatest girl group were left with an emptier schedule than A-Jax, but it turns out that the Brown Eyed Girls will actually be back this year.

Songwriter Kim Eana –who pretty much writes all the music for LOEN and Nega Network artists– Instagrammed a photo of her computer screen which showed the folders “Gain_premix” and “BEG_2015”.

Ga-In is coming back in early March, and BEG were already confirmed to be working on new music long before Ga-In’s next solo was announced, so this basically confirms that BEG will definitely back with a new album this year.

Now all we can do is hope and pray that BEG’s comeback will be promoted properly and not completely butchered like the Black Box era. Sometimes I still dream that Narsha didn’t rock ahjumma hair in the “Kill Bill” MV and that “Recipe” won a triple crown, and then I wake up and realize that it didn’t actually happen and I start screaming hysterically and an illegal Somalian immigrant I hired to be my home care nurse has to rush into my room and forcefully sedate me with a near-lethal combination of Xanax, morphine, Valium, Rohypnol, and Ketamine.


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