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Phominnit have been slaying the first three quarters of their “Crazy” comeback stages, then Other’s solo moment starts and everything goes down the crapper.

She’s pretty, but every time I see her squat, gyrate, or molest the backup dancers I just LOL IRL. It’s like watching a 25-year-old virgin who’s been pressured by her promiscuous girlfriends to act sexy, so she tries it but she’s not confident enough in her execution so it just turns out really awkward and everybody in the room gets second-hand embarrassment and falls over like this:

i cant gif

Other aside, I think it’s safe to say that JiPoon has replaced Hahm Eun-jung as Korea’s leading lesbonic queen.

I heard that Netflix wanted to cast JiPoon on the next season of Orange Is The New Black, but producers were scared that some of the real life lesboz on the cast would be so attracted to the power of her poonani that they’d keep forgetting their lines and filming would be disrupted too much.

Meanwhile, poor Gayoorthognathic has gone back to starving herself like it’s the 2YOON era all over again because she’s obviously intimidated by Moonface’s transformation from vivus luna to the upgraded combination of Hyuna and Hyosung (a.k.a. HyusunG).

Someone needs to get a Gayoorthognathic a burger to eat, JiPoon a pussy to munch, Moonface a most improved of ’15 trophy, and Other several million seats. HyunA needs nothing coz she already has everything.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I refuse to attack Jihyun for the 3RD time in a row! I’ve decided from now on she’s just one of the back-up dancers or a CUBE trainee. There’s no way she’s the leader of one of the fiercest, most confident, and charismatic groups in Korea! SHE’S NOT!!!

    The 4 members of 4Minute have delivered a spectacular comeback! ‘Nuff said.

    “HyunA needs nothing coz she already has everything.” yes
    “Moonface a most improved of ’15 trophy” yesssss
    “JiPoon a pussy to munch” STOP


    I’ve always had this fantasy that Eunjung and Jiyoon have been secretly munching each others carpets backstage in the bathrooms at music shows and what not. They’re the Ellen and Portia of Korea, except they’re both Portia.

    Other is ruining everything! All the girls are 100% in it to win it and clearly feeling themselves. Then you got Other lethargically dragging her ass around stage like a life size limp dick. I’ll be creating a kickstarter in order raise funds to buy out the rest of other’s contract, please support.

    I think Sohyun has earned her name back at this point, moonface is no more! Ugh PourMinit has slayed the shit out of my life! I love it. And that meme…I’m died.

    • hahaha jiyonn and eunjung are too much of alpha-lesbo to hook up with each other. they’re two distant predators like nicki and big boo

      • MIKEE

        Lmao! But the power struggle is what makes it so hot…yeah they on an all clam diet.

  • Marhaebwa

    Nailed it in one. Crazy will be contender for Song of the Year, what ever Big Bang or Exo release so, they can stay easy (and do a Taeyeon and chuck Other out). THEY DON’T NEED HER! 4 Queens = 4 MINUTE – other. It makes sense.


    • Db

      hnnng that was so good!

      Rainbow is back!!

      • Marhaebwa

        Like everything. Everything was good. No flaws. None.

    • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! these previews are AMAZING!! i’m excited to hear pierrot uhg this album’s gonna slay!

  • HavokWWE

    It’s really weird how awkward Jihyun has gotten.

    When 4Minute had that small stint in Japan she was actually the fiercest member mainly because she danced really well and sang her 1-2 lines with so much sass where as HyunA just seemed over sexual however in Korea HyunA slays and Jihyun seems to revert back into a box. It could be she’s not comfortable doing hip-hop esque things because back when they did HuH, they had another song they promoted with BEAST and she looked stiff and awkward there too.

  • culchan

    1. Hyuna has Jihyun’s back. Or, maybe Jihyun has radioacive dirt on Hyuna (something to do with a stomach ache back in 2007, perhaps). Either way, Jihyun’s not going anywhere.
    2. It only took 2.5 years, but Sohyun finally got back the sexpot mojo she had in Love Tension. Nice to have her back.
    3. The lyrics in the bottom left say “I’m the crazy girl around here like gossip girl”, but that’s bullshit, because Jiyoon is clearly saying “I’m the crazy girl, I’ll ride ya like a zip-gah”.

    • I thought that’s what Gayoon has been saying this whole time too! Maybe she means Zip Car, and that when she is done riding you, she will park you on some random city street, and may or may not pick you up later.

      • culchan

        I tried really hard to hear her say “I’ll ride ya like a zip line”, but I just can’t hear it. Which is too bad, because that would be an AWESOME lyric.

    • Marhaebwa

      YASS I thought the same as well for Jiyoon. I’m definitely gonna stick to ‘Zip Car,’ rather than ‘Gah-sip gal’. It makes me at peace a little more.

  • hahahahah finally someone besides me acknowledges jiyoon’s lesbotastic turn on this comeback!!! she’s perfection!

  • ByronZ

    Hyuna’s flawlessness though!!!

  • That double dada hey kills every time!

    Honestly, I keep forgetting about other’s part, and each time it happens I think, “I thought this would be better”.


    Am I the only one who stans for Other?

  • 364Leinad

    Gurl bye. Jihyun >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> any other person who has ever been associated with Cube Entertainment ever (Except maybe Gikwang)

  • Hi I’m new to this site! I like this blog but I’m wondering if you legit hate idols for their looks or is it just pseudo-hate that’s just poking fun?

    • I’m just poking fun, I love idols. The only celebrity I legitimately hate is Kanye West. I do think Jihyun is Zzzzz though and should leave 4minute since she adds nothing to the group and isn’t even a good singer.

  • somehow these days whenever i see idols with cornrows etc i just remember all the photographs from seoul establishments that said they wouldn’t be serving any black customers anymore because of ebola.

  • snailsong

    Jihyun is my sleepy goddess!!!!!!! (btw did you just give her her own tag????)

    I think that other than the banging title track (and super solid mini) this comeback really has the edge on their previous ones because everyone looks good? Jiyoon has grown out her terrible awful short hair that she’s had FOREVER which has elevated her to the goddess level looks that everyone else has been giving for years now.

    Also good on them for taking advantage of 2ne1 fading away (now that CL’s gone to America and Bom is Korea’s most wanted) to become Asia’s fiercest girl group~~~

  • Quang Phạm

    This guy has Other’s name on his shirt

  • Nicole Naeun


  • Marhaebwa

    PLEASE add their most flawfree performance which came out on Inkigayo today. This shit looks like a LOEN Special Clip, it’s that damn good.

  • diamonddog

    She just got called out on it in an NB article:

    “1. [+285, -51] Nam Jihyun, please put some effort in… She’s so pretty that all she has to do is put some effort into her stages and she’d get popular easily but she voluntarily chooses to stay in the backdrop like this”

  • qribom

    This is not my favorite Hyuna and the 4 minutes song but I am so proud of Moonface! Other is on thin ice.

  • t-errorist


    LMAOOOOO! I die every time you call her that.