4minute other
Phominnit have been slaying the first three quarters of their “Crazy” comeback stages, then Other’s solo moment starts and everything goes down the crapper.

She’s pretty, but every time I see her squat, gyrate, or molest the backup dancers I just LOL IRL. It’s like watching a 25-year-old virgin who’s been pressured by her promiscuous girlfriends to act sexy, so she tries it but she’s not confident enough in her execution so it just turns out really awkward and everybody in the room gets second-hand embarrassment and falls over like this:

i cant gif

Other aside, I think it’s safe to say that JiPoon has replaced Hahm Eun-jung as Korea’s leading lesbonic queen.

I heard that Netflix wanted to cast JiPoon on the next season of Orange Is The New Black, but producers were scared that some of the real life lesboz on the cast would be so attracted to the power of her poonani that they’d keep forgetting their lines and filming would be disrupted too much.

Meanwhile, poor Gayoorthognathic has gone back to starving herself like it’s the 2YOON era all over again because she’s obviously intimidated by Moonface’s transformation from vivus luna to the upgraded combination of Hyuna and Hyosung (a.k.a. HyusunG).

Someone needs to get a Gayoorthognathic a burger to eat, JiPoon a pussy to munch, Moonface a most improved of ’15 trophy, and Other several million seats. HyunA needs nothing coz she already has everything.