berry good because of you
I’ve never written about Berry Good here before, but I was a fan of their debut single last year, “Love Letter,” a slick bubbly cover of the Click-B hit.

“Love Letter” must’ve been a ginormous flop, because now Berry Good are back with an almost entirely different lineup and a budget so low that the only MV that out-cheaps theirs is Hello Venus’ “Wiggle Wiggle.”

One of Berry Good’s new members is the younger sister of AOA’s Yuna, and just like Yuna, she looks like a Thai mail-order bride who’d love you long time before running off with the deed to your house and the keys to your car.

I mean that as a compliment, by the way.

The MV for their new single, “Because Of You,” looks like it was filmed by a high school student who had to make a music video for a class assignment, but the song is really lovely and refreshing if you focus on it without the visual distraction.

The whole thing actually looks and sounds like one of those random rookie girl group singles from 2011 when new groups were debuting every three hours, so of course I love it. It’s very Blady “Crazy Day” –the luxurious MV that was filmed on location in the Maldives in 3D by a top Hollywood director– with a splash of All About Girls’ Generation: Paradise in Phuket.

Even though I stan this bargain bin mess, how the hell could Yuna’s sister not get into a better girl group with her AOA connection? Maybe she’s just REALLY untalented (like Qri/Sandara Park level untalented) and couldn’t qualify for ANY group, but Yuna managed to get her added to Berry Good after personally meeting with the agency’s CEO for a ‘business lunch’ at 9pm on a Friday night?

Anyway, enjoy the sweet refreshing juices of Berry Good below ^_^

  • Marhaebwa

    I’m sorry, I tried but this is dry like a Ryvita cracker.

  • KingBeaArthur

    No clue who they are but “Love Letter” >>>

  • love letter is fantastic! but fuck because of you is damn unwatchable adios!

  • Marhaebwa

    Also this bitch just blindsided your faves. Her voice will eradicate diseases.

    Berry who?

  • Prada Noona

    What I love is how cheap the MV looks despite having Expedia as endorsers. Their deal with Expedia is probably the only reason they’re still alive, which is a shame because “Love Letter” should have gotten far more love.

  • Nope

  • 364Leinad

    Eugh, I can’t with Yuna’s ugly sister. She looks like none of those GP Basic Sewer freaks. Get that hot, slutty blonde chick back and put more camera time on the cute Sulli clones. Great song though!

  • culchan

    Just how much juice do you suppose being in AOA has? I mean, how many groups do you think you could make if you started putting girl groups together out of every cousin of every girl in every K-Pop girl group that is as “big” as AOA is?

  • Sunny

    so fuzzy wuzzy and warm that i’m getting heatstroke ♥


  • UncleFan

    “like a Thai mail-order bride who’d love you long time before running off with the deed to your house and the keys to your car.”

    My worst nightmare! There really should be a “trigger warning” before stuff like this, man.

  • theblessedwomb

    super bummed na yeon isn’t in the group anymore. (did the three originals leave or were they kicked out?) Her vocals were everything. They gave the group something special and now it’s kind of gone. I feel like we didn’t even see the surface with that girl. And she was gorgeous~

  • Mattey

    Love Letter is better but since Yuna is my favorite Thai Mail Order Bride ever I’ll stan for Yuna’s sister. But seriously why couldn’t she hook her sister up and ask the FNC CEO to help a sister out.