4minute crazy
4minute has called their latest comeback a “reinvention,” but you could also say that the girls are simply getting back to basics. They spent the bulk of their career churning out fierce, club-friendly electro-pop hits, and only detoured for one brief year to test the waters with eclectic, weirdo bubblegum like “What’s Your Name?” and “Whatcha Doin’ Today.”

The group’s new single, “Crazy,” takes them right back to the dance floor, only this time they’re more influenced by hip-hop since autotuned electro-pop is soooo passé in 2015.

“Crazy” is the kind of ferocious, modern club banger that Western girl groups would release if Western girl groups were actually any good, which they aren’t.

phaedra gif

There’s a fair bit happening in “Crazy,” but everything still sounds seamless: there’s rapid trap snares and thick kick drums, sirens wail and synths bubble and burst, the pre-chorus builds like a commercial house music track, and there’s a demented horn/flute/IDK loop on the hook that’s more ferocious than every other horn-driven hook you’ve ever heard–American pop hits like “Problem” and “Talk Dirty” sound like pure child’s play compared to “Crazy.”

It is a fairly brainless song though (the lyrics in English and idiotic and generic), but 4minute’s searing attitude and an incredible music video make “Crazy” feel like the hottest, most bonkers fun club banger you ever heard in your damn life.

I mean, this MV is absolutely EVERYTHING. The choreography is killer, the on-trend styling is Rihanna level fresh and edgy, and 4minute’s charisma is beastly. Even Sohyun, f.k.a. Moonface, has somehow blossomed into this sexy badass queen–to the point that she almost outshone 4minute’s ace cards, HyunA and Jiyoon!

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Too bad the same can’t be said for Jihyun a.k.a. Other; the first time I watched “Crazy” I literally forgot (no joke) that she was even in the group until her solo part at the end came on. And despite the fact that she looked super hot and was given her own special moment to whisper and grind around like she’s Miss Golden Proportions Nara, she STILL managed to come off like a basic bitch who has no business being in a group as fierce as 4minute.

When I was taking screencaps of the group to use in this post, I actually had to try about ten times until I got a good one where Other didn’t look like an awkward flop. She looked so bad that I was scared that people reading Arcadey who had never heard of 4minute would be deterred from even opening the post because Other looked like such a dead-eyed cornball that they’d assume 4minute must be some wack try-hards like G-Dragon and Bobby.

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Other aside, the elephant in the room is just how YG the entire “Crazy” comeback is. Anybody who denies that this comeback is straight YG is one seriously biased 4NIA. The big difference is that “Crazy” is what most YG stuff would sound and look like if it wasn’t an overcooked nappy-headed mess. When G-Dragon puts out a record like this, he gets so fucking extra with it that it’s just noisy and annoying, and it’s a well-known fact that YG artists can’t dance for shit (at least by K-pop standards–they’d still clearly slay Fifth Harmony and Little Mix).

It’s about time that we got a sick YG-esque track that isn’t generic or overdone, and that’s performed by a group that’s actually attractive and knows how to dance.

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Anyway, that’s all I have to say about this. 4minute came and #PWNED everybody just like they always do. (Even their tired ass Brave Brothers anniversary single “Only Gained Weight” was better than most groups’ title tracks.) If only they’d give Other the A Pink Yookyung treatment, then their member number would match their name and they’d be one of the few group K-pop groups without a dud member to bring down the rest. (*Looks at Nine Muses’ Keumjo*)