t-ara vietnam
T-ara touched down in Vietnam yesterday ahead of their fanmeet event tomorrow, and as expected from Hallyu’s leading girl group, they were mobbed upon arrival by thousands of hysterical V-QUEEN’S (that’s Vietnamese T-ara fans for those of you unfamiliar with K-pop lingo).

The stylish six later changed into angelic white outfits for their official press conference (Soyeon looked iconic), which I assume was attended by only the most prestigious and esteemed Vietnamese media outlets.

I feel so bad for Korea missing out on Asia’s No. 1 girl group. Actually, no I don’t. The ROK made its bed, so now the rest of Asia gets to enjoy T-ara’s sugar-free goodness while Koreans are stuck listening to Mad Clown and YG’s musical diarrhoea.


[Via T-ara World]