t-ara 2015
While most K-pop artists are fighting with each other in Korea over cheap CF deals and music program airtime, hallyu icons T-ara have been showing their immense popularity overseas with non-stop schedules across Asia.

After holding a sold-out concert in Shanghai and getting paid $250,000 USD to perform at the birthday party of Wang Sicong, son of China’s richest man, T-ara’s now preparing to hit Saigon for their official Vietnamese fanmeeting on January 10.

MBK Entertainment (formerly Core Contents Media) has announced that T-ara will put their Korean group activities on hold this year after the flawless “Sugar Free” flopped, and will instead focus on promoting in China and building their popularity across Asia in places like Malaysia and Singapore. I’m guessing that this means more fanmeets and a possible tour?

Additionally, a slew of new T-ara fansites have opened up in Korea and China over the past few months, indicating that the group’s popularity is back on the rise.

The good news for K-pop fans it that MBK has also confirmed more solo activities from the girls this year, which I hope means a comeback from both Hyomin and Jiyeon. I also wouldn’t mind one of those generic female idol/male rapper duet singles between Soyeon and someone else, or a Hyomin/Eunjung subunit in the style of their legendary Immortal Song performance. T-ara’s solos actually did much better than “Sugar Free” did, so it makes sense to keep the girls solo in Korea while having them promote actively as a group overseas.

There’s also a chance that we’ll see T-ara pop up on a new reality show to find MBK’s next girl group, dubbed ‘Little T-ara’. MBK’s also debuting a male band this year (not an idol dance group like SPEED), which should be interesting.

Look for the reality show in March, and expect to see T-erminator slaying in various different ways for the rest of the year.

[Via @N_athaniel / Tiara Diadem]