rainbow comeback 2015
We’re only halfway through the week and I’ve already been slayed THRICE.

First 4minute announced their February comeback with a #revamped style, then STELLAR confirmed that they were in the studio recording their new single, and now Rainbow a.k.a. Slaybow a.k.a. Snatch-My-Wigbow have revealed that they’ll also be back next month with a new album.

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Little is known about Rainbow’s return so far, but Woori was on a radio show today and she said, “I think our concept is a bit elegant.”


The last time we saw Rainbow was as the BLAXX sub-unit, and before that they showed off a bright, “oppa oppa!” image for their largely male fanbase with their fantastic Rainbow Syndrome album.

Now that the sexy concept trend is over and done with for the most part, a more sophisticated style seems perfect for Rainbow, who are all in their mid-twenties now.

Btw, I know that Rainbow are considered to be a bunch of mismanaged has-beens who can never win first place on a music program (a.k.a. the female U-Kiss), but they’re more successful than people realize. With the exception of “Hoi Hoi,” they haven’t had a song fall outside of the top twenty since their 2009 debut single “Gossip Girl,” and their last three mini-albums all sold between 6000-7000 copies each (not a terrible number by girl group standards).

They’ve also released some of the best K-pop ever made (“A” and “Mach,” duh), and have consistently put out amazing songs ever since, whether its a title track or an overlooked b-side (“Don’t Touch” springs to mind).

Even their J-pop is great!

Don’t ever overlook or underestimate DSP’s basement babies, okay?

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