rainbow comeback 2015
We’re only halfway through the week and I’ve already been slayed THRICE.

First 4minute announced their February comeback with a #revamped style, then STELLAR confirmed that they were in the studio recording their new single, and now Rainbow a.k.a. Slaybow a.k.a. Snatch-My-Wigbow have revealed that they’ll also be back next month with a new album.

Puretty Gif

Little is known about Rainbow’s return so far, but Woori was on a radio show today and she said, “I think our concept is a bit elegant.”


The last time we saw Rainbow was as the BLAXX sub-unit, and before that they showed off a bright, “oppa oppa!” image for their largely male fanbase with their fantastic Rainbow Syndrome album.

Now that the sexy concept trend is over and done with for the most part, a more sophisticated style seems perfect for Rainbow, who are all in their mid-twenties now.

Btw, I know that Rainbow are considered to be a bunch of mismanaged has-beens who can never win first place on a music program (a.k.a. the female U-Kiss), but they’re more successful than people realize. With the exception of “Hoi Hoi,” they haven’t had a song fall outside of the top twenty since their 2009 debut single “Gossip Girl,” and their last three mini-albums all sold between 6000-7000 copies each (not a terrible number by girl group standards).

They’ve also released some of the best K-pop ever made (“A” and “Mach,” duh), and have consistently put out amazing songs ever since, whether its a title track or an overlooked b-side (“Don’t Touch” springs to mind).

Even their J-pop is great!

Don’t ever overlook or underestimate DSP’s basement babies, okay?

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  • KingBeaArthur

    Slaybow~ YESSS

    After solidifying their place in my heart with “Sunshine” (that mv is everything!), followed by the flaw-free “Cha Cha” I’m more than ready for elegant Rainbow!

  • Nicole Naeun

    Rainbow doing elegant? Sounds like a flop already. I love me some Rainbow, but none of these hoes scream ‘elegant’.

    • Jaekyung and Woori are actually epitome of elegance and beauty and can pull off any concept, but I agree about the rest of the members… but I’m sure they just mean they’re not doing sexy or cute concept, it’ll probably be a neutral concept.

      • Nicole Naeun

        Jaekyung maybe, cuz she’s pretty and pretty people can pull off any concept I agree.
        But, how is Woori the epitome of beauty? How?

        • Woori is actually so pretty. I didn’t realize but I was on Rainbow fansite looking through pictorials and Woori looked fucking amazing in them. She used to look ugly when she debuted but now she’s bloomed into a sexy beauty!

    • 사미아 | サミア

      I don’t know. I find To Me and Sweet Dreams to be the kind of “elegant sexy” concept. I just hope dsp won’t screw it and give them a good song and nice outfits

      • Nicole Naeun

        To Me and Sweet Dreams are neutral imo. And ever since STELLAR re-define the concept of elegant with the stellar “Mask”, I can’t take elegant below that standard lol.

  • AOACrayonholic

    Elegant is clearly code for “classy sexy”.

    • DiliaGlasgow

      It’d better be! I can’t stand it if my queens get another cutesy song at this point (flawless as those were). Something classy and more dignified is just right for Rainbow.

  • Lilacbenson

    Yessss im here for it.
    Hey jacques boo

  • Sunny

    so much girl group news!! the kpop drought is over! as long as the new song is not like that flop “Tell me, Tell me” and they give my bug eyed queen Yoonhye a good hairstyle, i will so happy!

    crazy how they haven’t made a comeback since 2013.

  • Db

    Now that Sweetune has been dumped by mainstays KARA and Nine Muses, I think it’s high time they work with Rainbow again. I’d kill for them to release another A or Mach!

    • O.

      “Now that Sweetune has been dumped by mainstays KARA and Nine Muses”

      Ditching Sweetune was the worst thing 9Muses could have done, even worse than letting Sera go, because after listening to “DRAMA” I’m just pissed off. I go for a year without a Namyu comeback, and this is what I get?! A lot of discopop tropes pasted together to create an utterly forgettable mess?

      At least Duble Sidekick created a decent facsimile of KARA’s Sweetune sound in “Mamma Mia” (while giving it a twist of his own).

    • O.

      But yeah, setting aside my angry frothing, I’d be game for a Sweetune-produced Rainbow comeback. Mach had a kind of dark elegance to it, engine-sampling and all.

  • rrr

    I hope the concept is similar to “To Me”. That was their best era IMO! Great dance, great song, great vocals, great outfits, great MV, great everything.

  • Arsanst

    so #blessed to be a girl group stan. Here’s to hoping the queens get flawless styling and a bop!

  • png

    Cosmic Girl and Don’t Touch are doomed go be underrated B-sides :( At least Don’t Touch got one live perf. Their songs are solid, but they don’t remain on the scene for too long which kills any hype they manage to get. Having nearly all songs reach Top 20 is probably why the lineup is intact even after 5 years, or DSP locked them down.
    Maybe 2015 is their year like what happened to EXID.

  • 364Leinad

    Is it a mini-album or a full album?

  • YAAAAAAY!! as you said even they’re b-sides are amazing, “cosmic girl” is my favorite thing… but i could also mention “don’t touch” and “so cool”… and with exception of “hoi hoi” i can say i legally like everything DSP has put out for them to perform.

  • Riley Biers

    LMFAOOOO @ them now trying elegance after rubbing their freshly bleached assholes in everyones faces during Rainbow Blaxx