utada hikaru 2015
The Queen of J-pop is coming back.

Yesterday, bear aficionado Utada Hikaru tweeted about a new song that she’s been working on since New Year, tentatively titled “Sashiire Cappuccino.”

I consulted the wise all-knowing oracle that is Yahoo Answers to find out what “Sashiire” means, and this is what it told me: “Yes, 差し入れ is a gift (usually food or drink) and they do this usually to appreciate you. It’s one of Japanese customs. Any kind of people receive or send it. It happens anywhere especially where you work hard.

The Empress of the East is giving us a gift y’all!!!

The last official news we heard on an Utada comeback was a report from last December stating that she was in talks to record the theme song for the next Evangelion movie, which is due out later this year. I have no idea if “Sashiire Cappuccino” is that song, but judging by the title, I’d say possibly not. (Although with a Utada, you never know).

Th 31-year-old has been on hiatus from the music industry since the beginning of 2011, although she hasn’t been completely inactive during this time. In 2012 she released the Evangelion single “Sakura Nagashi,” and last year saw the release of a 15th anniversary edition of her debut, First Love, as well as a star-studded Utada cover album featuring the likes of Ayumi Hamasaki and Shiina Ringo.

I want a new album from Japan’s finest, but I’d still be happy with another Evangelion theme song. I really don’t care what she does as long as it means that there’s new Utada tunes to wash my soiled ears and put my filthy soul into a gentle spin cycle with lavender scented fabric softener.

Now let’s all watch The Queen’s iconic Utada United performance of “You Make Me Want To Be a Man” below.

[Via Arama Japan]