nine muses drama
Nine Muses have stayed true to their promise of adding new members for their Drama comeback. The mythological girl group unveiled a new teaser photo today showing that their 6-member lineup has now been upgraded to 8.

While having NINE members in the NINE Muses would be nice, I’m sure that they’ll add one more for their next comeback, just like they did back back in 2012 during the “News”/”Ticket” era.

The teaser photo itself looks like standard Muses as far as concept goes, which I’d say is a good thing. Although this photo of Euaerin has me a little worried.

As you know by now, the Muses will be back on January 23 with a 6-track mini-album. They worked with producer Jeong Chang-wook this time instead of Sweetune. I was cool with them dropping my fave hitmaker until I saw the super unimpressive list of songs Chang-wook has produced, and now I’m breaking out in hives worrying that Asia’s goddesses have been handed a flop.

I’ll update this post if Star Empire announces anything else about the new members or the comeback today. Until then, join me in prayer as we humbly ask Zues and Chaos to help the Eight Muses hit daebak this time around.

Update: Here’s the new Muses. Nasty Nasty’s Sojin with the bob cut, and newbie Lee Keumjo who joins the group’s vocal line.

new muse 02 new muse 01