news kaguya
I don’t know a whole lot about NEWS besides the fact that they’re one of the many Johnny’s idol bands consistently topping the charts in Japan. I’ve never really liked any of their music before whenever I’ve bothered to listen, but I decided to give their latest single “Kaguya” a chance out of pure boredom, and I gotta say, I’m totally in love with it.

I couldn’t find any English lyrics, but Arama Japan says that “Kaguya” is “a single based on a theme of ‘Princess Kaguya’ a.k.a. ‘Moon Princess’ of Taketori Monogatari” and that it’s “an epic love song that combines the ‘now’ of NEWS with travel stories from ancient times.”

The production is Japanese idol-pop meets high-octane EDM with a traditional twist. It’s not as innovative as the new Morning Musume stuff, but there’s enough drama to stop it from feeling too straightforward or formulaic.

The video, in which the flamboyant NEWS members dance around with oil-paper umbrellas, is fabulous.

Check it out below.