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So, according to a new report from Yahoo Japan, Namie Amuro is quietly preparing to make her American debut.

They say that she’s bought a house in L.A. and has been taking intensive English and dance lessons, as well as attending shows in Hollywood to research how she can incorporate the latest technology into her performances (or something? IDK).

The article also says that she’s just doing it for a challenge instead of trying to be a huge star like Utada did.

You can read the full thing at either ATRL or OneHallyu.

I’m not even going to list the reasons why a 37-year-old Japanese pop star with questionable English-language skills shouldn’t debut in America because it’s already obvious enough as it is. Plus, we’ve all gone over this countless times in the past whenever an Asian act has announced some kind of Western crossover plan.

And yes, I’m well aware that Namie’s a talented ageless baby-skinned beauty and that Ariana Grande ripped-off her iconic Zedd single “Hair Poon,” but still. (Do NOT make me bring up her Engrish Alicia Keys leftover “Let Me Let You Go.”)

I just hope it’s not true, and if it is, then I pray that it’s just some niche pop diva electro stuff strictly for the dance charts and not a full-fledged attempt at cracking the Hot 100 and all that shit.

Namie sis, just record a 2015 remix of “What a Feeling” for the clubs and then head back home to Japan where you remain slaying every J-diva in the game.

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  • bluesatellite

    LOL @ the headline! I have to agree with you, though. If it didn’t work out for Utada, CoCo Lee or BoA then, as much as I love Namie, then I don’t think it’ll work out for her. It’s next to impossible to translate an Asian star’s appeal to the US market. Even Utada, who has a clear musical identity and is a true artist (for lack of a better term), only had middling success at best – although, yes, it was also down to her label not properly pushing for her, but still. I think the American public in general is yet to be open to the idea of an Asian being a star in their home turf.

  • Isthatapuppy234

    Still waiting for Rania… to do something… anything. Not to mention SNSD’s American Release which was supposedly Interscope’s #1 priority for 2012.

    btw im just wondering why you havent written about 9muses yet… :)

    • JustJam

      The Boys was their ‘American’ release.

    • Explicit.

      Yes. Yes, Jacques. Why haven’t you written about 9muses yet?

      • I’m sorry I’ve been distracted tried to get some other shit out the way first before focusing on the Muses. I sat down to write it today then a friend unexpectedly came over! but he’s plonked in front of the PS4 now playing GTAV so I’m tryna get through it!

        • Explicit.

          LOL It’s okay. Everybody’s busy at some point or another. In fact, I don’t know why I’m still online. I need to study for that quiz. Whelp.

  • 364Leinad

    What happened to “I’m not Yours”?

  • Johnnyyy

    Namie should focus on Japan, she’s the queen there and no one comes even close to her.

  • Lady

    She’s too good for America…

    • Johnnyyy


  • Sunny

    she doesn’t have the same team and networking that’s behind CL. this is a given. plus america sucks. I love you though Namie <3

    • Luke

      The thing with CL is no matter how cool she is if they give her trash to rap she has no chance.

      • Well Iggy Azalea can’t rap for shit, she’s horrible, and her music is generic shit even worse than a Katy Perry b-side, yet she’s HUGE, so you never know haha.

        But CL won’t have trash, she’s been working with heaps of cool people and a lot of underground artists, and she even has a collabo with Florence + the Machine so it looks like they’re pretty legit about trying to make her happen. And if she doesn’t work in the US she might work in the UK or Europe or something, like how Iggy Azalea was doing well in the UK before Fancy blew up.

  • Luke

    I doubt this is even true since I thought she was trying to leave (SL)Avex so are they really gonna fund this?

    I could see her doing some shows in the US but if she goes for the whole “crack America” thing the only good thing is that her stans will have to sit the fuck down and stop calling everyone else flops lol

    P.S remind me again why everyone is obsessed with cracking America? UK or Europe anyone???

    • I still can’t believe that more Asian acts haven’t figured out that they shouldn’t be targeting America, at all. They probably think that because America has a lot of Asian immigrants that it’s a good idea, but they forget that Americans are ignorant and close minded as fuck. if they wanna promote outside of Asia, they should be looking at Europe and Latin/South America. J-pop and K-pop is actually really popular in South America.

      One group that figured it out is this flop Kpop group Wa$$up. They do a lot of promotion in Brazil, and I know of another group (can’t remember the name) that promotes in Chile. I think B.A.P has done some promo in Germany as well. That’s where they need to be, not fucking America.

      • Luke

        I can’t think of one successful Asian singer in the US except Jhene Aiko who is mixed and most people think is black so…

      • nique

        I live in Chile and even if we have had a lot of Kpop concerts (about ten in a span od three years, there’s not enough people here to be THAT attractive to the whole kpop world (i’m already satisfied having seen SHINee and JYJ).