namie amuro america
So, according to a new report from Yahoo Japan, Namie Amuro is quietly preparing to make her American debut.

They say that she’s bought a house in L.A. and has been taking intensive English and dance lessons, as well as attending shows in Hollywood to research how she can incorporate the latest technology into her performances (or something? IDK).

The article also says that she’s just doing it for a challenge instead of trying to be a huge star like Utada did.

You can read the full thing at either ATRL or OneHallyu.

I’m not even going to list the reasons why a 37-year-old Japanese pop star with questionable English-language skills shouldn’t debut in America because it’s already obvious enough as it is. Plus, we’ve all gone over this countless times in the past whenever an Asian act has announced some kind of Western crossover plan.

And yes, I’m well aware that Namie’s a talented ageless baby-skinned beauty and that Ariana Grande ripped-off her iconic Zedd single “Hair Poon,” but still. (Do NOT make me bring up her Engrish Alicia Keys leftover “Let Me Let You Go.”)

I just hope it’s not true, and if it is, then I pray that it’s just some niche pop diva electro stuff strictly for the dance charts and not a full-fledged attempt at cracking the Hot 100 and all that shit.

Namie sis, just record a 2015 remix of “What a Feeling” for the clubs and then head back home to Japan where you remain slaying every J-diva in the game.

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