lovelyz comeback 2015
LOVELYZ‘s legendary debut wasn’t quite as successful on the charts as I would’ve liked it to be, but they’re still the best thing since PURETTY and the new nation’s girl group who single-handedly saved K-pop and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Various members from the angelic seven recently updated LOVELYZ’s official fancafe, and all of them more or less said they were preparing new stuff or working on a new album to bless our unworthy souls with.

Are you guys doing well??,” wrote Jin. “We are preparing for our next album and resting~ It became a habit seeing the fans every day of the week and it’s only been… one week but I miss you all so much I’m sad.”

Since LOVELYZ’s debuted with a full-length album and Woolim Entertainment released repackages of both of INFINITE’s studio albums, I suspect that LOVELYZ might return with a Girls’ Invasion repackage. But who knows?

Whatever it is, I want sexual harassment-dol Seo Jisoo to be part of it. It was unfair that she had to miss out on the Girls’ Invasion promotions because YG and SM teamed up to start a smear campaign against her to sabotage LOVELYZ’s debut since they knew LOVELYZ slayed Red Velvet and Pink Punk (f.k.a. the so-called ‘YG SNSD’).

Now it’s Seo Jisoo’s time to shine!

seo jisoo