nine muses drama
I woke up today to find out that two of my favourite K-pop artists –that’s monolid goddess Ga-In and supermodel-dols Nine Muses— have officially announced their comebacks.

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Ga-In will release her fourth mini-album (fifth if you include that Romantic Spring thing) in early March. Apparently, it will contain “the distinct allure and sexy atmosphere of Ga-In,” and “the scale of the album will be on a large scale.”

Every Ga-In album yields one of the top five best K-pop songs of its respective year, so I’m pretty excited. I was even a huge supporter of “Truth or Dare,” which got a raw deal last year after being completely overshadowed by “Fxxk U.”

However, I am a little pressed that we’re not getting a Brown Eyed Girls comeback first. They haven’t released anything since Black Box in mid-2013, and that album was so poorly promoted that it barely even counts as a comeback. There were rumours back in November that the group were halfway through recording their next album, so IDK what the fuck happened to that.

The solos slay, but there’s nothing quite like a full BEG comeback. I wouldn’t say no to a new Narsha solo though!

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Nine Muses have dropped a fabulous teaser for their comeback album (or single, we don’t know yet) “Drama.”

The whole thing looks very Nine Muse-y, which is a good sign. If they stick with their same concept and Sweetune sound, and also bring in some new members like they promised, then “Drama” will be another flaw-free classic just like everything else Nine Muses have ever done.

Update: It’s a 6-track mini-album with a single produced by the dude that did this Prima Donna album cut. Hmmph.

“Drama” drops January 23.

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Dal Shabet will also make their long-awaited return in either February or March with a “cheerful dance track” according to Happy Face Entertainment.

It’s been over a year since Dalegend dropped “Big Baby Baby,” which is an eternity in K-pop.

You’ve gotta feel bad for the girls at this point. They were just starting to get their mojo back and had a follow-up release planned for June of last year, but then Subin –by far the group’s most popular member– got into a major car accident and everything was put on hold.

It reminds me of what happened to Hana when SECRET dropped “Talk That,” except SECRET are at least popular enough from their peak days to remain relevant. Dalegend had some mild buzz for about a year after they debuted, and then quickly went downhill.

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Crayon Pop will also be back next month. They’ll team up with Shinsadong Tiger for the first time ever, which could yield some fucking amazing results. On paper it sounds like a perfect match.

Then there’s Amber‘s solo coming up, which I’m not here for. Amber’s cool in f(x), but as a soloist? Girl. She’s a terrible rapper, so she better sing because nobody is checking for an Amber rap debut.

Britney Spears

  • Steve

    These GIFS are everything I want.

    Ga-in’s songs are also pure sex. And I always want more.

    Also <3 Nine muses!

    Also who is Amber?

    • diamonddog

      Amber is f(x)’s rapper.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    beyond excited for all of them! I’m dying @ Amber solo lmfao

    Also, I didn’t know HAM Eunjung was kind enough to give one of her private selcas to 9Muses so they’d make that teaser pic.

    • llehuty

      Pls, that is queen of everything Sungah, main visual, lead vocals and bad bitch of 9muses.

  • llehuty

    9muses release is a minialbum with 6 tracks and the title track is produced by Jeong Chang-Wook who also composed and wrote ‘Ping’ which was just there as a filler track. Don’t know what to expect…


    • Oh shit, thanks for this tea. Will update the post now.

    • Nicole Naeun

      I love Ping! It’s so catchy and cute!

    • T-rollypoly

      I’m not 100% sure but while I was reading some Namyu stuff on Naver with my below average ability to read Hangul, it looks like they are still going to work with Sweetune with their other songs it’s just that Jeong Chang-Wook snag the title track because he has the better song. I still have high hopes.

      • Aww yisss, crisis averted. It must be a godlike song if they went with him instead of Sweetune.

        • T-rollypoly

          Well I really hope so. I am also worried that they would eventually drop Sweetune but I hope thos Knetz aren’t making up shit this time. I have faith in the Ping composer too, Ping still sounds very Nine Muses just less electro-disco.

        • _craypopper

          Or maybe they wanted to switch it up because although sweetune ha given nothing but quality songs to our princesses they hardly ever get a bonafide hit.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if they finally hit it big with their most boring song until date.

  • Nicole Naeun

    2015 is already shaping up to be better than 2014 #Team2015

    • KingBeaArthur

      Major EW to Ambro, but YESSS to Girls’ Slay!!!!


    I fucking LOVE 2015!!!!!!!!! I am absolutely here for every single one of these comebacks, and even Ambrosia’s epic debut!!!! She will be serving hair pie to all ya’ll haters…eat up.

    • KingBeaArthur

      Amber’s hair pie…

      • MIKEE

        Along with her own personal tampon juices to wash it down.

        • KingBeaArthur

          You need Jesus.

  • KingBeaArthur

    1) Here 1,000%, unprotected for Ga-In!!!!
    2) On the fence for 9Muses (I’m sure they’ll deliver, but I’m still chapped ’bout Sera & shit)
    3) Always ready for Dal Shabetter-than-your-faves.
    4) What’s a ‘Crayon Pop’??

  • Arsanst

    ga-in…girl i love u but this is tew much…keep that shit I want a full BEG album first!! ever since JeA went in on some fans I’ve been worrying they’re gonna make us too long T_T

  • James Smith III

    I need a Narsha comeback!

  • Quang Phạm

    That Ping song is kinda underwhelming…
    Dal Shabet you better not flop!

  • hahaha i’m so glad i’m not the only one who thinks an amber solo seems like the worst idea SM could do to troubled f(x) at the moment. if only it were a lesbo sub-unit with krystal….

    i didn’t know about subin’s accident… poor thing, BBB was a GORGEOUS single and i’m excited to see dalegend back…. i felt the same about ga-in and BEG, but i’m never here to complain about gain’s solo stuff because they’re mostly the best music to be released, but yes i need a black box [which whas FANTASTIC] follow up… plus, i miss miryo!

    finally, at this point i can only hop that nine muses will SLAY! ping was one of my faves from prima donna because i always hear “ping ping oh oh oh… your boob is flying ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut” in the begining chorus lol

  • JustJam

    Awesome. Looks like my summer vacation won’t be very boring after all!